I want to create a campaign for the community and I want your opinions

:wave: Hello I’m Troteck, I create quite a lot of custom map to live battles and please players who love stories and solo campaign. I want to start a campaign because I think it’s time, it takes a long time but I have already had the reproach of making cards that represent a story in one map and not in a whole campaign and I want to create a campaign to please people who wish a long story. But for this I wish to ask the player if you have any ideas, scenarios for a story or even just the civilizations that fight I wish to make a campaign chosen by the players. :world_map:

My youtube chanel: https://youtu.be/84R2zH7cKnw

My Stories :

I can’t put any more links because I’m a new insider.

If you are interested to see more, launch the game then tool, mod, campaign and searched my name (Troteck).

I’m not looking for a simple mission but a real adventure that developed then I want to do it for the community to satisfy the solo players. (21/04/2021)


30 Years War, Wallenstein’s career.
Cardinal Richelieu.
The Lewis and Clark expedition.
Vasco da Gama in the Indies.
Arauco War.
Battle of Alcacer-Quibir.
Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign.
Dutch War of Independence.

This timeline is actually full of famous wars, campaigns, expeditions and historic characters, that the vanilla game completely failed to explore. It would be great to actually have some Historical campaigns, even if they take some artistic liberties for gameplay reasons.


Battle of Diu, Afonso de Albuqerqe Campaigns, Portuguese Ottoman Conflicts.


some stuff from 30 years war would be cool!

A series of maps surrounding the Peninsular War during the Napoleonic wars would be cool.

Napoleon and Spain teamed up to occupy Portugal. Napoleon then turned around and betrayed Spain by putting his relatives on the Spanish throne. Spain went into a large guerilla war, and Britain came in to help out Portugal. Lot’s of cool battles involving the four nations.

This also had the major effect of destabilizing Portugal and Spain so much that they lost their empires. So real historical impact as well.


I’d suggest checking out the seven year’s war. it was a major world-spanning conflict primarily fought between the British and French but also involved American natives and the Mughal empire. I think the only playable European faction not involved were the Dutch.
It is also sometimes refered to as the French and Indian war in the US, and especially this North-American theater seems tailor made for AOE3.


I’ve already created battles on


Battle for Taiwan Island
The “Ming” of the Chinese Empire came to southern Taiwan
The northern part of Taiwan and Penghu is occupied by the Dutch, and the Philippines is occupied by the Spanish.
On the other side of the strait, there is the new Chinese empire “Qing” along the coast, and there are Portuguese in Macau.
On the sea there are Japanese pirates and merchants
Come on! Play as one of the civilizations and conquer everything you see


Well,now with the African dlc we already have the Battle of Alcacer-Quibir,let’s hope they put the Wallenstein carrer and the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt for a next European dlc and the expedition of Lewis and Clark and the Arauco war for a new American dlc…