I want to intrigue you to play two new upcoming civs in AoE2

Hi there,

My name is Nick_The_Hun an old player from AoM and i frequently play AoE2 as well.
On october 31st there will be two new civilizations coming out to Age of Empires 2, and these might intrigue you a lot.
They are the Georgians and the Armenians.

Why they would be of interest to you? Because their playstyle is very much like the norse in Age of Mythology.
Both these civs get an ox cart (called mule cart).

The Georgians have stronger defensive buildings (heimdall). And a unique unit that works like the Fenris wolf brood, when it’s grouped their attack increases. Also the Georgians have several strong cavalry bonusses. Which give them quite a sense of raiding with norse.

The Armenians are a very infantry focused civilization and have exceptional unique foot archers. This one will more feel like playing Thor with his early armory, instead you get ifnantry upgrades earlier. Besides that they also get a warrior priest, which you can consider a hersir.

Their gameplay with the mule cart and each their own bonusses really remind me of Age of Mythology. Honestly i’m very eager to play them. They’re coming out on the ##### I imagine you might also like to play them, thats why i wanted to give this headsup for those of you who aren’t up to date.