I want to search for a perfect AI for water maps! Could anyone suggest me?

Could anyone please suggest me where to look for best AIs to download for water maps? That AI need to attack first before we do, where can I find such a one and it needs to be better than all other AIs.

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The greatest AI of all time for AoE2 is Barbarian AI.

If you want an AI for water maps I assume you mean it should be able to cross water bodies. DE AI is able to cross but whether is does so efficiently is questionable. Increase its difficulty level to get more challenge.

I want to play water wars so I need a combo of water and forest nothing like it must delete buildings and build university and church and advance to imperial. And it must also fight first before I do.

Are there any Water AIs especially for water maps in any websites?

Why are there no AIs for water maps? Are there not even AIs for water maps in steam mods?

you can head to AI discord and start learning how to code for AI, then u can make any AI you desire

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It’s pretty straightforward. Just open up the AI files and start going to town on it!

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I have been playing the game since a long time I don’t think there’s any AI that’s made for Naval focus only. Atleast I haven’t come across any. Some people do it through scenario editor triggers, by turning off all other recruits so AI focuses on docks only. But I know you need a AI solution. Sadly there doesn’t exist any, somebody needs to make such an AI.

I thought AoE2’s water AI was fine. What do you even want it to do that it doesn’t do already?

Well it is very weak on water maps. Instead of completely focusing attention on water, it still makes a lot of land units that are stuck within the primary island it starts with.
Here are examples of how it performs:

If there is even a small land connection then it does this.

This is an age old problem that I don’t think can ever be fixed with normal scripted AI.


No AI never fought me before I go for it on water wars. And only khmer went to imperial a few stayed at feudal age

I ask because I’ve already written a lot of naval AI improvements for AoE3 and toyed with the idea of doing something similar for AoE2, but I don’t play AoE2 much and it already looked pretty decent at first glance.

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Awaiting, your release in steam mods, please send me a link when you are finished submitting the mod.

Are there any more ideas that will make AI more tough? MBA FN has many ideas and need the water map combination both must be included to work for water wars! MBA FN with water strategy must do well. Have anyone got ideas about this before?