I was given the "queue dodge" penalty despite not queue dodging

I’ve uploaded the full video with time stamps here:

This was a very annoying experience. Hopefully it gets patched soon.

Timestamps (also on youtube):
2:11 I enter a game, but someone dodges while the game enters the loading screen, canceling queue.
3:35 I enter a new game. We get into the game.
5:20 A player drops, 29 seconds into the game.
5:31 Two more players drop.
5:36 I opt to surrender.
5:51 I just want to leave so I can get into another game. But I’m stuck on the “Eliminated” screen animation. Very annoying.
5:56 All of the other players have dropped. The elimination screen disappears and now the victory screen appears. I’m stuck in the animation the whole time, unable to leave the game.
6:00 The “View Summary” page finally appears, I can finally leave the game.
6:10 I’m given a queue dodge penalty for trying to get back into a quick match.
6:36 I’m also blocked from entering ranked.