I will create a campaign that will not be historic

I will create a campaign that will not be historic if you have interesting ideas exploited I will. If I chose to make a campaign that is not historical it is because it is easier to create than a real historical campaign, it is much harder especially to be able to remain as faithful as possible to my scale on the history. I know that I have multiple projects in suspension because they require a lot of time and especially that I am alone tested and that if possible I would like to have testers for posted more map, the longest of a map is the tests for me because I’m looking for the best possible for my map.


porque não fazer uma campanha de russos contra chineses na África seria muito legal

I need a lot more information because it is too simple.

I would love to see some really focused fights, like 4v4 units that require micro to win, as part of the campaign.

Most games focus on the larger scale, so recreating in a story a fight like in art of war (Land battle challenge) Would be cool for at least a start of a chapter :slight_smile:

Small garrisons inside a wooden fort on a mountain would be cool for a setting, we exclusively see fight in open ground and plains, so it would be a nice change.

*Good luck in your story making :slight_smile: *
If you finish it I would love to play it :smiley:

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I have two ideas/concepts:

  1. Reverse colonialism?

  2. Scramble for Africa what if Asia version (maybe include Ottomans as well or Russians).

It’s been done plenty of times, but you could do something involving the Roanoke Colony.

some map with lot of water to play as a pirate
anything about Grace o’Malley but not accurate
Calico Jack, whatever

I would love to see a campaign centred around aztecs, like a tlaloc canoe full of aztec warriors getting lost sailing and ending up in America, and interacting with the seminole, cherokee, or Haudenosaunee.

I see your history and it is interesting but that would amount to created a historical battle, I am trying to create not 1 Map but at least 5 or 6 cards to fill in detail a story.
Compared to the Aztec I created 2 Map that I have not published, in its maps we can follow the first history, except that it takes place a few years before when the circle is looking for the fountain.
I’m looking for a concept that could last on several maps but without copying the AOEIII campaigns.

I created a similar story but I could well create a campaign, I keep this idea which is exploitable over time.

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