I will miss the gold/stone mines from vanilla AoE1

Why did they not integrate the old models of gold and stone mines??


W… why would they integrate art assets from a 1997 game into a brand-new DLC for 2DE in 2023? This is not a remaster or even a port of Age of Empires I.
Old models are simplistic (especially stone deposits) and dated and don’t match new aesthetics. Pretty much everything in 1DE was an improvement and looks like the same will be here.

You don’t have to ‘miss’ anything - you can play Age of Empires I right now and enjoy original art.

I will upload a mod for this on release day.


It is a port of AoE1

It’s not a port of AoE1. Don’t use words you don’t know the meaning of.
Port it a game brought to another platform. Not only this is not Age of Empires I game, but it’s not a different platform.

This is a completely brand new DLC that brings AoE1 civilizations and adopts them to AoE2:DE engine, adding and changing a lot of things along the way that heavily transform the entire gameplay.
It doesn’t convert original campaigns, it adds completely new three campaigns made from scratch.
It adds a completely new civilization for the core package (Lac Viet) and even the 2DE itself (Romans)
It introduces a completely new game mode (D3).
None of the assets are a conversion of ones from Age of Empires I. AoE1:DE was already in a murky place between a remaster and a remake, this DLC completely sidesteps from that position into an expansion/reimagination/sequel territory, even if the core is just a derivative of 1DE.

This is not a port.