I win vs all hardest AI and that should just unlock all masteries | or make it payable $$$

hey man, i don’t wanna have to do all this pve stuff that doesn’t apply to real multiplayer.

if i beat all the hardest AI on every civ, i should unlock all the stuff …

otherwise i rather u guys make portraits and banners and i’ll pay with real money please. i don’t wanna waste time just make them $5-10 dollars whatever i rather pay

maybe even cool color or armor customization for units etc. like please dont make me waste time i rather IRL money. i rather dump $$$ to get all the cool “skins” instead of having to do 1 hr games vs the ai, get to “x” age make 20 units and then get kills with those units or wait 20 min for trading resources like man, the masteries legit dont make anyone better at the game competitively. it’s a time sink. and the “skins” the banners/profile stuff, patterns, monumnets, are incentive. please just make it cosmetic shop $. or

if you beat every hardest Ai on every civ, you auto unlock all of them.

it’s pointless that i beat all hardest ai’s heck evne 1v2 them, and then it doesn’t account because u need to beat it in “easy” mode like …

The masteries are not all about beating the AI.

Only four of them in each mastery is about beating the AI. The rest are just some civ specific things that teaches a new player the unique traits of the civ.

For the test of strength masteries… I do agree that you should be able to unlock them all together. But if you were doing “Test of strength 1”( beat the AI on easy) you can do it on hardest and Still get it. But you have to do it four times.


Yeah— no. because beating hard AI is easier than say-- Killing 20 enemies with a treb with shatter or Achieving a Sacred Victory with fully upgraded Warrior Monks. – Beating the hardest AI isn’t exactly difficult.

Plus-- Doing the masteries is a skill thing-- kinda defeats the purpose if you can just skip them.
If I can do it-- so can you.


Why in gods name would you support microtransactions-- Keep it all earnable in game, we already paid 60 dollars for this game.


The only thing they have done right with AoE4 and I praise them for that, is that there’s no microtransactions, whether it’s gameplay stuff or pink banner cosmetics no one gives a darn about. It’s a testament in front of the majority of games out there stuffed with disgustingl MTX and I hope they keep it that way.
Long live RTS, there’s still some decency when it comes to that in the gaming industry.

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I agree with you in regards to defeating the AI. Defeating the AI on hardest should count as beating the AI on all prior difficulties as well. I also think that the mastery system shouldn’t be limited to linear progression aka- this mastery then that mastery. I like the sense of progression but feel it’s somewhat contrived.

Any Mastery should be able to be completed in any order, with a win against the hardest AI being counted as a victory vs all AI difficulties (until impossible is released).

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One thing it should do is tell you during the game when you have done enough for the mastery, as it can be hard to know with many of them exactly how many kills you’ve achieved, or resources you’ve collected from a specific source.

Heheh got mine too, the banner… its so beautiful now!


I’m against microtransactions!
What’s the point of paying $60 for a game then.
I think that the monuments and banners that open for the Mastery Trials should be an incentive for the player. And if you pay for this content (monuments and banners) then what’s the point of Mastery Trials.
All of the monuments and banners are not hard to unlock, but you’ll have to spend a little time.

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Man… lol Yours looks so much better than the english. I have to Vertical stripes and a tree. Lol

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Its a combination of HRE, mongols, and Delhi

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I agree with this-- Other games like, CoD or league of legends where you are buying Skins that can highly effect the depiction of your character – sure, that makes sense.

On starcraft-- the microtransactions for the different skins for units don’t really make sense to me- Because its only for ONE unit-- and are you really even admiring it? Then there is the announcers etc-- something, iirc, they stole from Dota. – I don’t think AoE needs crap like that – In AoE4 you should be able to Mod the game and change it up as you like.

My point is once you open the door to microtransactions-- it will continue and they will lock the game down so your only option is to buy their content and you cannot make your own, at least in game.

Starcraft is free to play, and they bundle all the skins. Basically this is their lifeline for blizzcon tournament. However at this point blizzard doesn’t give a damn about the glory of starcraft2. My hope is for Frost Giant Studios to save the day, and create a true spiritual successor to both Warcraft and Starcraft.

Ah, yeah, 2016 they added microtransactions for coop, then went free to play in 2017, then they added on the different Microtransactions for all the bits.

I suppose thats a thing, But I bought it, paid something like 100 bucks for the base game and the xpacs. So, at least from my point of view its a paid game