I wish for better scale and TALLER buildings

I must admit that although the new trailer still projected some cartoony, generic vibes that’s hard for me to shallow, the new screenshots of French and Abbasids look way better than what I saw 2 months ago. The buildings especially look more detailed, sharp, with flattering colors and lightening, closer to 2019’s trailer.
But I still see inconsistency in the scaling and can’t tell whether it’s fixed or not.

For example in this screenshot the scaling looks as bad as 2 months ago. Huge units that make everything else around them look as if it came out of Alice’s Wonderland.

But on some others like the one below they actually look much much better in their proportions. I want to tell the devs that whatever they did, they should change the proportions to look more like below, with taller structures.
The buildings here look like actual buildings, worthy to build and destroy, not like underwhelming caricatures as they first showed us. Seeing camels bigger than houses or houses with tiny doors next to gigantic soldiers completely ruins it for me and I know for many others as well.


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