I wonder if the Australian civilization would be worth it?

The most interesting in this juncture is the civilizations and their uniqueness. Sadly, it wouldn’t be available on Nintendo Switch apart from the Nintendo DS version. Anyway, it would be cool although not exactly 80 days around the world. But it would be fun nonetheless if the developers would like to explore the Australasian area in which selected civilizations like Australia during the middle ages for example and using unique units like the use of boomerangs for example.

Anyway, it’s just an idea. That’s all. Wish it could be added in reality.

I mean why not if people are suggesting polynesians or noth americans why not aboriginal australians?


I think pierce-through boomerang projectiles could really add a new dimension to the game… quite literally.


Chakram already does that right?

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Even people who want more American or Oceanic civs tend to agree that Australians are a bridge (or 3 or 4) too far. An editor unit or 2 would be cool, but beyond that you’d be very hard pressed to find justification for anything else to be added, much less a civilization. A Javanese/Indonesian/Malay split is a lot more viable.

Lol, every time.
Tarascans are a slam dunk, Mixtecs, Zapotecs and possibly Toltecs are extremely viable, and Mississippians are strong contenders. There are others that have some limitations such that I can at least respect the viewpoints of those who don’t think they should be added (Hisatsinom, Haudenosaunee, Caribs/Taino), but IMO there’s more than enough info for these to be added as well. I don’t think last 3 ever will be added, but that’s more because there are a lot of stronger contenders that should be prioritized first.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone seriously advocate for Australians though. Literally all of the limiting factors except coverage become highly prohibitive for them.

How so? Chakrams already have this mechanic, and the one unique gimmick of the Boomerang (supposedly returning although that’s not really how it works, especially when you hit something) is made irrelevant by all ranged units having infinite ammo anyway.


I think boomerangs could have a unique flying pattern like a circle or something :wink:
Then we indeed had a new dimension as when the boomerang hits the destination it will have a 90 degree angle to typical projectile flight patterns :wink:

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That sounds really obnoxious to use, rather have something like the Huntress Glaive Throw from Warcraft 3 if anything - and even that’s pushing it.

I think a combination of these with archers could be really funny to use. And probably kinda hard to micro against. But if they don’t have special bonusses to archers it could be really interesting.

TBH I think some of the Dynasties of India UUs are the most egregious as far as realism. Shirtless whip-sword dudes massacring Teutonic Knights and metal disc throwers that act like Siege Weapons make Mamelukes look perfectly historical by comparison. Not sure we need a wooden stick thrower with an overpowered gimmick on top of all that.

Not that those units/civs shouldn’t be very strong in some way, I just don’t love the way it was implemented.


If anyone is interested in the real thing.


Same could be said about most uus,only few could be considered a bit accurate or realistic.

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There isn’t a single technology in the game that the pre colonial aboriginals had invented or had been in contact with. Not even loom, nor the wheel.

This post will get flagged and possibly removed. But, go on, readers. Try to argue. Try to deny.


Honestly I just don’t even understand what OP meant with the Nintendo sentence. Or am I having a stroke - probably not unlikely given the current European heat…


Points for the Shad reference.

Sure, but I appreciate it when they at least try. Units like the Teutonic Knight, Gbeto, Mangudai, Cataphract, or even Plumed Archers are at least semi-credible visual representations of how the units actually perform. Looking at the Urumi for the first time, you’d think it was a Karambit knock off swarm-type unit, but it’s just the most ridiculous melee master, it may as well just have a lightsaber. Not the only such case, but possibly the worst.

:joy: I enjoy a good “come at me bro!” but this is a hill upon which nobody will even try to die.
“B-B-But, they had Supplies! Maybe even Town Watch!”

If it wasn’t for the insider status I’d give OP a 50%+ chance of being a bot.

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Urumi is a duelling weapon and people who duel with that did fight shirless.

I mean with reference to the weapon exclusively, which might as well be a lightsaber. Giving the unit such crazy DPS via a triple gimmick that it performs better than high attack/armor units that were previously the gold standard for melee dominance is silly. If anything, it should have almost the opposite effect is has now (being strong against units with very low armor). A little splash damage is justifiable, the charge and (especially) ignoring armor, not so much.

But it is what it is. Hopefully the devs at least change it enough to differentiate it from a roided out champion.


Honestly no. Australians are not a civ with organization on the scale of the rest to be honest. They never made the kingdom or confederation types the rest of the nations had, because of their environment and, if everyone can not jump to their pitchforks and call me a racist for stating the scientific truth, because of their relative isolation creating unique circumstances. This caused them to have a lack of genetic diversity/new genetic material coming in(It wasnt zero but very low) like every other civilization in the world pretty much did and also a lack of flow of ideas. Instead of growing in collected knowledge and trait variety they stagnated. Combine these two things made them relatively primitive by the time of discovery, living in moderate sized tribes without discovering many of the innovations or techniques as well as responses to growing competition that would lead them to the more advanced styles of organization.

That doesnt mean they lacked culture, it doesnt make them less as people, it doesnt “mean” anything. Just from a perspective of the game, they would not fit as a competitive “power.” They’re more of a curiosity on the grand scale.


If there would be an Australasian DLC, then the Australian Aborigines would need to be released with the Maori, possibly a Hawaiian Civ too (only going by the Civilizations’ examples).

I feel, at the very least, Aboriginal Australians would be easier to implement in AoE3 than in AoE2.