I wonder why aoe4 did not add hussites war wagon as unit?

As we all know. war wagon is a equipment that can improve the infantry maneuverability largely.
literally when add war wagon as a unit the depth of strategy will be increased enormously.
hussites war wagon was invented and applied against the Catholic church in 1419
It satisfy with the time that aoe4 set.
above all I am eager to see hussites war wagon will add into aoe4 later DLC

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What civ would the Hussites be under?

more introduction about war wagon

hussites war wagon was invented by one civ,but it does not mean only one civ can use this unit.
After this equipment been invented other civ can apply it on battlefield. it similar to tank been invented by Uk

Yes but in history what civs did use it?

I know the Germans did, but who else?

Any civs already currently in game?

To clarify I love the idea and was a big fan of war wagons in age of empires 3

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in AoE 2 don’t they belong to the Koreans?

Bohemians have a history with these units.
Quite a cool part of history in general.

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You have them in age 2.

Medieval Superweapons That Sound Made Up - YouTube
war wagon is introduced in 9:10

Oh yeah I forgot about that they did have them

It’d be cool to see a bohemian faction in-game tbh, I suppose giving them to the HRE would work tho

Yeah they’re a pretty cool faction.
They were recently added in Aoe 2 so who knows.

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they are different. hussites war wagon can upload and download infantry

I think all war wagons can carry infantry can’t they

I think this unit would have to have its own movement character, a more defensive role than offensive. So for this, would need to unpack like artillery, and have a few archers in a defensive stance that has a lot of resist. Almost like the role of an elephant, but cannot move and fire.

with a bonus vs cavalry (they were invented to protect archers from cavalry charges), it would be countered by infantry with torches, and other artillery.