I would like a ban system in ranked

what if you have a civ ban system in ranked kinda like moba games’ one?

As soon as you’re matched with a player(s), both for 1v1 and team games, every team bans a civ: Team 1 bans a civ, then team 2 bans another, and then pick civ and play. For team games you would have a player (possibly the highest elo one) who becomes group leader and can do the ban. 30 seconds time to decide the civ to be banned per team.

Ok you would be forced to be able to play at least 2-3 civs in order to play ranked, but on the other side you would avoid the same civs to be always picked for certain maps (hre and china for all hybrid maps, malian on praire, rus on high view/hideout etc…), and if you have an op civ because of an unbalanced update, you wouldnt have the constant spam of that civ because people would ban it.

In unranked mode you can play what you want, just like now.

In the first days there could be a lot of dodges, but not for long i think, cause people would quickly grow used to this kind of system, or move to unranked mode.

What do you think about it?

The high pick rate of the English I think is due to the fact that nobody dares to tower rush the English

In my experience with lol, I only wanted to learn 1 champion and the worst thing was that sometimes by chance they sent me to another line

As another custom game mode I would accept it, in my opinion

It would significantly complicate matchmaking OR it would work in a way that makes people very unhappy and leads to more abandoned games.

Currently the matchmaker only worries about matching even players. After the match is made a map is picked and then players can pick civs.

If you want civ bans you have to do it one of two ways:

  • Players pick civs before matchmaking and then matches are found. This makes matchmaking much worse because you’ve split the queue into pieces.

  • Like it is now, but once you’re picking civs you just can’t pick the one the opponent has banned. Anger and dropped games ensue.

Some people only play a single civ and don’t want to play multiple.