I would like gates to stay closed when you repair them

I would like gates to stay closed wen you repair them,
so that the enemy cannot pass through the gate during repair.


That s a good point. A bit like the choice we have for the military units stand «agressive» or «defensive».
We could have «open» or «closed».

Lock gate before repairing?


Why isn’t the default behaviour “Stay Closed”? Can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t be. If you can do it manually, it should NEVER open when being repaired. That doesn’t even make sense.

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You can just lock the gate

theres a hotkey for Gate Lock so u can even use that.

I miss a point I was thinking during construction. By default when u finished building it, it is open.

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Maybe add another toggle to the game for this, good point!

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I mean, the option to lock or unlock a gate should be usable already before a gate is finished when constructing. But during repair, you already have the option to lock it, so for that, there’s no issue.


It is, though, because the gate opens as soon as a villager goes near it to repair. That shouldn’t happen by default. It should stay closed during repair, without you having to remember to lock it.

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Well I guess the gate shouldn’t indeed treat the repairer as someone trying to get through the gate, cause it is not trying to. I might of gotten too used to the gimmicks of the game 11. I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement though. For the moment I nonetheless suggest closing the gate.

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Haha true! The amount of times that I’ve killed myself by repairing my gates…