I'd Love to start a Red VS Blue Wars for AOE!

Website from Wars did on halo 2 that i would like to bring to AOE ALL INFO is on this website that i describe below redvsbluewars dot comlu dot com
i had links to everything in detail on this topic but cant post more then 2 links :frowning:
The Age of Empires Wars facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ageofempireswars

Hi All long time ago when Halo 2 was out i made a way to play the game where hundreds of players could fight against another hundreds of players(Sorry for the grammer). It was called Red VS Blue Wars
This would be basically a war that 2 sides could fight agianst each other weekly in hopes of winning the war by controlling all the maps on a “War Map” and , that had maps from the game organized in a board game like Style (That changed each war to keep things interesting) first war was simple with the maps an directions you could attack from location to location. 2nd war and 3rd war had a space map with 1 attack space ship, an 2 defense ships per each map you owned. and 4th war that we never got to use literally had a Age of Empires like map with villagers, soldiers, tanks, med bay’s etc.
If interested in seeing any of this the website is still up with all the content. the middle button link that is blank has the war maps and what not. Any who there was company’s (squadrons) of 8 or so players each and we did 8vs8 battles on whatever maps were being attacked that week decided by the general and fleet admiral(for war 2 an 3) <–database had all the company’s and the players in them .
Probably about 50 ranks or so that players could obtain by either elections or simply by fighting each week, or joining training that lead you down another list of special ranks .
We had War Records for each war, these were things like most kills longest kill streaks, highest kill streak, best overall shot hit percentage and the list goes on etc. As Well as a page with EVERY GAMES stats and scores cause back then bungie had everygames stats on there website that could see so anyone could see there game etc easily, . Other things that we had was a Story which was me writing a book about the wars as they went on. So Besides a few imagination to keep the story interesting the entire story was based on real actions an events and outcomes of the war. RedVSBlueWars Story . So basically you have 2 teams Fighting each week in the wars to eventually have one team control all the maps and locations and then they win that war and a new one begins.
Another Things THE WARS Are and always have been a FREE GAME for any and all to join no matter if pro or the worst noob in the world. The Wars were designed for everyone to play an enjoy. This was easily accomplished by sticking ofcourse the different ranked players into there appropriate companys to fight agianst players of equal skill in the 2 armys. So yes PRO OR NOOB everyone will fight agianst equal opponents so there will be no Unbalanced fights.

OK SO IF READ ALL THIS. That is basically What a Wars when put into a game is all about… I WOULD LOVE love love to bring the Wars to Age of Empires 2 and 1 DE, and HD. and or Regular Aoe 1 / 2 . But as i have grown in age and im not 17-18 anymore i donnu how much of this i could do on my own… Soo i am no stranger to people using this idea to make there own wars etc. Though i would love to make my own i know the amount of work one person may have doing all this, Back in the Day I didnt mind Doing ALL the webpage and all the stats / and making war maps / and putting the battles together each sunday etc. I wouldnt mind doing it all again on my own either now.

BUT ok so basically what im asking You the Fans an players of the great Age of Empires Series basically Is WHOS WITH ME?!?!?!?

**My Email please send any info with position applying for Name Location Age / AOE games you play. HD,DE,Original etc. and what you play them on GameRanger, Voobly, Steam , etc. and ofcourse your info so can communicate with each other.

Seriously though if anyone would like to start there own or be apart of the one i plan on creating i would love to hear from anyone that would like to Help start the wars for Age of Empires 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 whatever. So if you are interested please throw me a email with Subject Age of Empires WARS and what specifically you would be interested in. Some positions could have are as follow.

Positions NEEDED to help create the wars faster (p.s Please State your Location / names on different accounts for communication / age / and Language’s you speak please)

Website Designers (multiple people if need)

Organizers (def multiple people since 2 teams atleast need a few for each army)

Organizers from Different Time Zones / regions(Sometimes Timezones can be a pain in the butt… BUT if we can have people volunteer from Different Regions this will help organize people joining a bit better, And Multilingual people also help. so please State your location when sending email )

Game Designers (This could be from Scenarios for maps we will be fighting on to the big picture the WARMAP with all the maps in the game will be fighting on to control to win the war, <see war maps 1,2,3, 4 , etc on website for more understanding of what i mean the war map the 2 armys would be fighting over> )

Forum / Discord / Game moderators ( Ya we gonna need a forums probably… or something to that degree, and discord, and any other area where our players can or will be meeting may need oversight so if you think can help with any of this let me know)

Sponsors(Never really had these but hey a little money here and there from anyone would be great and can get your ad’s on the website if not simply just donating, we can always have ad’s to help keep the website up and people helping get lil $ maybe for doing great jobs keeping the wars going)

Soldiers ( Hey if you just want to play in these war i would love to hear from you also! every Army needs leaders officers, and more so dont be afraid to say hey i would like to lead my soldiers to battle! would love to hear from yall also)

Ideas / Suggestions (Hey throw me a FREAKING BONE here i know nothing is perfect an anything and everything could be improved besides the game cuz ya aoe 2 is perfect! ) ;p lol but ya open to ideas / suggestions .

I know the OLD Red VS Blue Wars Website is no place for a new Age of Empires Wars so id have to get a new Website and everything for the Age of Empires Wars i do realize that.

(IF can add any of this info also so we can communicate when email me that would be great too)

My Email is ageofempireswars@yahoo.com

My Name is Doug Trantham facebook is ofcourse dxdoug

My Steam name is DXDoug

My Voobly name is DXDoug

My GameRanger name is DXDoug

My Discord name is DXDoug#4192

My windowslive or whatever gamertag is DX Doug420

My Twitch stream is dxdoug

i made a facebook page for ageofempireswars so ya fb dot com / ageofempireswars give us a like

The Red VS Blue Wars facebook is facebook redvsbluewars <-- this is subject to change from just Halo wars to AGE OF EMPIRES WARS as well. so give us a like.

Please Email for any of those positions if interested in helping get Age of Empires Wars built and started for the players of the Age of Empires series to enjoy, with your info like i have done above so i can better communicate with you.

Thank you Age of Empires Players and Hope to hear from yall. Even if want to start your own would love to be apart of that as well lmk. Also if any one else knows another pretty POPULATED Age of empires forums or discussion board that i could post this into as well please let me know.

First thing like to ask what yall think sounds better… The Age of Empires Wars… or The Age Of Empires Red Vs Blue Wars… lol seriously though which sounds better??

Also here is link to this post on reddit, easier to understand cause im able to put as many links as i want in it, https://www.reddit.com/r/aoe2/comments/d35pj8/id_love_to_start_a_age_of_empires_wars_for_the/
Ranks could be a first thing to create for the wars. Should we use actual medieval ranks or just use in game names.
King / Queen
Prince / Princess
Duke / Duches
Marquess / Marchioness.
Earl / Countess.
Viscount / Viscountess.
Baron / Baroness.
Knights / Dame
Man at Arms
Above is just a example if we went more towards just actual names / ranks in society etc, could add army ranks sergeant, colonel, etc.

Or Below here is AOE 2 Units ranking plus ofcourse the highest ranks in the army’s king etc.
AOE2 Ranking

King / Queen
Prince / Princess
Duke / Duches
Marquess / Marchioness.
Earl / Countess.
Viscount / Viscountess.
Baron / Baroness.
Two Handed Swordsmen
Imperial Elite Skirmish
Light Cavalry
Long Swordsman
Elite Skirmish
Man at Arms