Idea: Control point game mode

Hello everyone

I must say I absolutely enjoy the new campaign “The Sultans Ascend” (I’m not done with all missions yet). Each mission has interesting special mechanics and provides a solid challenge. I also like the narrative. Well done, dear AoE4-Team!

I especially enjoyed the Nile-Delta mission, where you fight over control points, receive regular reinforcements and don’t have to manage an economy. I think a game mode in single- and multiplayer based on this concept would be an interesting experience.

I see the following options for such a game mode:

  1. Just like in the campaign, you only receive reinforcements from your homebase.
  2. The control points you conquer provide you with a steady unit output of a certain type, additionally to your homebase reinforcements. Some control points might even provide you with special or uniqe units.
  3. You have to train new units from a preexisting set of military buildings. Control points are cities with a functioning economy and some military buildings. Therefore, when you capture a control point, your resource input increases and you gain access to training facilities at the front.

I feel like option 3 would be the most exciting, because it comprises the most strategic aspects and the army composition is in your control. But option 2 feels also quite interesting, because it relieves you of the required attention for unit production, which leaves more time for micro and battle tactics. I actually quite enjoy gameplay without having to manage an economy, while I of course also enjoy the economy part of the existing standard game mode.

Just an idea that came to my mind, because I love the concept of capturing and holding cities. It would add a fresh way of playing AoE4, that is not focused on the complete destruction of your opponents base. It also forces you to focus your actions on a multitude of points on the map, instead of just the base you build, the base of your opponent and maybe a few sacred sites.


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That would be an interesting game mode. Could that be modded in?