Idea for a Battle Royal Map: Viking Raids

You start with Erik the Red and Harald Hardraade on a small piece of Ice representing Greenland. The first Gaia camp you encounter has a Docks, 1 Barrack, Archery Range and Stable + one Trade Workshop and a Transport Ship. That single Camp is guarded by 2 Berserks and 2 Longboats (close to Shore so Harald can kill them with ease)

The first bigger Landmass is two Iceland each having two GAIA Camps having Berserkers and Arbalest Guarding, 1 Castle, a lot of 4 Keeps, 1 Stable, 1 Archery Range and a Barracks each 1 Trade Workshop.
Further away from the Castle and more to the middle of the Island there are 2 Gaia Camps on each side having 2 Docks + 2 Transport Ships, each guarded by 2 Keeps and a bunch of Champions. With the total of 2 Transport Ships + the one you can train you should then be able to land further to the middle.
Iceland could really be bigger if the map size allows it (Frankly Geographic wise I think a Giant map is needed, else it looks very clumped). Propably Ludakris is best to keep an somewhat decent Geographic Accuracy

In the middle, there is Great Brittian and maybe Ireland I don’t know, it will be misshapen badly and geographically unrecognizable if you want to make the map balance but … I don’t care. Upon Landing, there are 2 Trade Workshops guarded by 1 Castle, 2 Siege Workshops, A bunch of Onager, Woad Raiders (Or Longbowmen + Halbs, depending on what you want historically). Further Inwards you will yet again find 2 Gaia Bases with 1 of each 3 Military Building.
In the middle, there is a Castle with 2 Trade Workshops

If there is space there could be small tiny island with one Keep on them

Gameplay-wise all Island could be connected with Shallows
And Thats the an “layout” map of what I had in mind 11. Believe me I had a lot of fun drawing that xD


The settings of the map sound cool, however I would prefer a vinlandsaga map so we get to fight the algonquin warriors like in the campaign.

Map seems fun. Only issue is see: Are the camps not too big? Most maps in BR have more, but smaller camps, isnt it?

Also i am not sure if you want ships protection a camp, without having ships to kill them. The AI can move them into the water, so you can hit them any more.

Also not sure about the map size. Arent all BR games played on the same map size?