Idea for a Gun/Melee Samurai

The inspiration from the Gun Samurai from Rise of Nations took me over.

During early development of the game, the samurai were meant to toggle between infantry and archer but didn’t happen. So I thought what of this:

To reflect the heavy use of firearms in 16th century Japan, who fancies Samurai that is trained as an infantry, but can switch to a Hand Cannoneer and back? Similar to a Ratha.

Naming wise, melee version remains as Samurai whereas the HC mode will be called Samurai Arquebusier.

The hand cannoneer/infantry unit benefits from both archer and infantry upgrades.

Stats (for Samurai Arquebusier):
Base range: 6
Base attack: 15

All other stats (melee attack, armor etc) are the same as for melee Samurai.

Can be toggled to Samurai Arquebusier after Chemistry is researched.