Idea for a wall type building for the Mongols

I have an idea for a wall type building for the Mongols that could fit with their nomadic style of playing. What if they could plant brambles/blackberries to grow into a small wall type building which can only live near a town center (they die if outside the range of a town center). The brambles can be self healing and can slowly regrow after they are destroyed. As a added bonus they can produce blackberries which can be harvested. The longer they grow the bigger and stronger they get and are immune to arrows.

Not sure on balance but I think it could be a fun mechanic to explore.


Or/and wooden spikes?


They look like they could be packed up and moved.

It is look instering.

Meanwhile, others: need more asymmetric civs.

I did not read further. no need to harm myself with some clever thoughts.
Mongols are unique.
suggestions like “Let’s remove uniqueness” should end up with perma.

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The idea is not for the Mongols to be able to build full on walls like other civs but maybe something to give them a little aid like what @ShaolinX12 posted, these could be packed up and moved to help with wood lines being raided. I do not want to remove the Mongols uniqueness but I think at least some discussion can be made in this area, whether it be transportable wall sections or small brambles hedges that can grow around a Town center. I am sure there can be something unique that could be given to the Mongols to aid them in this area.

Other civs can stonewall off the whole map, surely the Mongols having some small transportable wooden spikes is not going to change their uniqueness.

The Mongols were not completely nomadic.
They did have their capital city.
The capital Karakorum was the largest in its time for the Mongols.
Used Chinese engineers to build the walls, just like the Chinese style.
The army was nomadic, incredibly mobile, and fast, not the capital.
It was a hybrid nation that cultivated both settled and nomadic cultures.
Many people have a wrong perception of buildings that accommodated the Mongols.
I think it is because of the ger. Only during Early Chinggis Khan’s period, the Mongols were a completely nomadic tribe. They were introduced to cities. And since then, they adopted Chinese and middle eastern culture heavily and used it to build their capital.
AOE4 depicted the Mongols wrong.
Mongols did have their walled cities, the capital, and nomadic armies that lived in a ger.
It is where many people get confused.

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the idea to kill uniqueness for the game. I get it.

Just think how players would play. same walling with different building.

You suggest to kill unique mechanic…
Mongol is the best unique civ in aoe4. let’s destroy it.

Your not killing it by adding a small thing like that

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Mongols is nomad at start and settle down in later. So idea to able to build wall isn’t that strange.

So, My idea (just choose one):

  • Palasade wall unlock in Feudal age or Castle age and no palisade gate. This only suit to limit path enemy can attack [Attack on open path which have troops and towers] or slow enemy down a bit [burn palisade to create hole and raid before Mongols move troop at that position]. Also, make dismantle/rebuild wall harder to prevent Mongols to fully palisade wall and delete one point to send army out to attack.
  • Landmark in later age (maybe at imperial age) also unlock ability to build wall, like Age 4 Rus fortress Landmark. If stone wall is too much as Mongols can generate stone in Age 4, Just only tough wood wall like Rus.

If by adding wall make Mongols too defensive, maybe Mongols villager have reduced speed in building tower and/or wall. Or Mongols wall is weaker than normal comparable wall.


I don’t necessarily feel it would disrupt balance. Every other civ can build wall.

However having said that, one of the reasons I enjoy playing Mongols from time to time is that I want to be able to play a civ that I don’t have to worry so much about playing defensively and I don’t have to worry about building houses. Mongols are by far the best aggressive raiding civ in game and if we had to hold off on that to build walls, etc that would make it much more difficult to raid. Its basically time away from what we want to do.

If your ever struggling as a mongol vs other civs that have walls/keeps etc, I suggest building for siege.

From a game perspective I say let the Mongols play without walls to keep it as unique as possible. And to be honest if you want to wall up as the Mongols then that’s the wrong civ for you as it kind of defeats the purpose of the civ being all agile & moving around.

Historically, Mongols used wooden palisades to close off cities and funnel escapees into traps.

The historical account from Anonymus and Master Roger from 1241 claims:

“They [mongols/tartars] became very angry, and swiftly closed off the city with wooden palisades so that whoever tried to escape would run into the throat of the sword.”

Youtube video reading of the historical account.

In other words, palisades aren’t necessarily only used in defensive context, and can be used aggressively / offensively to wall off escape routes of enemies you are raiding.

I think adding palisades without granting them the ability to build gates would be a decent compromise. Without gates it would force players to still build “open-concept” cities. Or maybe they can only build palisades within the range of Yam network or some other limiting factor.

I am liking the idea of wooden spikes which can be packed up and moved, this does create uniqueness for the civ. These wooden spikes can be used for temporary defence then moved to offence. They can be moved to protect siege during attacks.

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I think they should reduce the cost of the palisades in the age of castles