Idea for alternate Bengali team bonus

The current bengali team bonus is 10% food from trade carts. This is pretty underwhelming, at best; the equivalent of about 4 farmers at most. It also doesn’t help at all for 1v1 games, and doesn’t really seem to synergize with their other bonuses.

What about this, instead?

Monk Healing generates gold. - Healing 100% of a unit’s health returns 12.5% of the unit’s build cost in gold.

This synergizes nicely with their monk armor bonus, works for 1v1s, and can be a pretty cool way to encourage more healing in longer games! It also synergizes nicely with other bonuses like the Byzantines.

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You damage your own units and heal them for none stop gold :sunglasses:


You’d need to distinguish between friendly fire and enemy fire, that’s true. But honestly, you can do that already with the Tatars and teaming up, and it’s just not worth the lost pop space and effort.

Elephants in the center, catapult attack ground from one side, monks healing on the other side.
Logic for money earned: nice circus. 11


Yes. Just make the % to a rate that is impossible to abuse

I think cavs have +2 vs skirmishers should be team bonus and elephants cost %15 less food can be good bonus to compansite.


Despite the elephant explotation issues commented, I would say that any team bonus that generates gold outside of trade is dangerous in 1v1.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: reddit sub is down for a few days while they protest, but this is entertaining at least. Replace an inconsequential TB, with an OP abusable one, on a civ that is specifically borderline OP in cases where this abusable bonus would actually come into play. :joy:

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Nice lets make their ele archers even morr broken than they are now on closed maps.

Well, Persians and Poles already have a bit stronger version of the bonus.

For the sake of whimsy, villagers deliver food to the nearest economic building once collected. The Khmer would lose out on this one, but otherwise it would allow for some interesting setups, like Mining Camp farms.

A good bonus for Bengalis would be something related to Light Cav, something like Light cav have more 1/1 armor, or take less % bonus damage or something. That’s kinda the only problem Bengalis has, their stable sucks! (dravidians is even worse tho)

Or Light cav deals bonus dmg to cavalry or infantry, or resist conversion more, or moonwalk 5% faster, or something, idk.

their current TB is useless! :crazy_face:

Make their TB to Trade Carts moving 25% faster.

This actually a good idea; remove Caravan and make the TB move the trade like 100% faster

Does caravanserai affect allied tradecarts?

It does.
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10% will be a good start as a new TB. To balance EA, Paiks shouldn’t affect them. Maybe even Ratha gets the effect for free.

Unique Tech Paiks cost reduced 375 wood, 275 gold → 250 wood, 200 gold. Paiks no longer give benefit to Ratha and Elephant Archer.
(Elite) Ratha (Ranged and Melee) Rate of Fire reduced 2.00 → 1.80 (1.70)

Well, if we talk about closed maps: %15 food discount does not make much sense since eco is not that much a problem in closed maps. Bengalies are strong in closed maps bcs of their tanky monks.

@SMUM15236 It can be buffed.

Is not about if the eco is a problem or not, is about how you make an already broken unit here even more oppresive, don’t you even mind the Bengali ele archers take less bonus damage (take 40 elite skirms shots alone lol), can resist conversion, have all upgrades available (only lacking Thumb Ring but that doesn’t matter) plus the UT that makes them fire 20% faster (better ROF effect than Thumb Ring) so a mere 10% accuracy deficit is nothing.
You have an absurdly well rounded unit without drawbacks in the late game, there’s a reason why Gurjara ele archers lack Parthian Tactics and Ring Archer Armor (to offset their faster training time and the UT that mkaes them cost only 67 food, so we already have cheaper ele archers on food, ohhh and the UT that gives them 4 melee armor) and why Dravidian ele archers lack Bloodlines, Husbandry and Parthian Tactics (to offset the 25% faster firing rate and the UT that allows the to regenrate 30 HP per minute.

And their eco and EA.

What can be buffed? The TB?