Idea for an Armenians civilization

Caucasian Architecture Set

Heavy Cavalry and Siege civilization

Civilization Bonuses:

  • 25% of age up cost refunded after advancing
  • Barracks, Stable units +1 attack per age (starting in Feudal Age)
  • Monks +1 conversion range in Castle, +1 in Imperial Age (for +2 total)
  • Mangonel line deals half damage to friendly units

Team bonus: Baptistery available in the Castle Age

Unique Unit: Ayruzdi (anti-cavalry cavalry unit)

Unique Building: Baptistery (building that constantly heals nonsiege units within a certain radius)

Unique Technologies: Baptism (Baptisteries +2 heal range), Nakharar (no minimum range for Scorpion line and Trebuchets)

Wonder: Cathedral of Ani

Missing Units: Halberdier, Eagle line, Heavy Cavalry Archer, Hussar, Camel line, Battle Elephant line, Steppe Lancer line, Heavy Demolition Ship, Cannon Galleon line.

Missing Buildings: Bombard Tower.

Missing Techs: Herbal Medicine, Illumination, Ring Archer Armor, Blast Furnace, Bracer, Crop Rotation, Stone Shaft Mining.


Burmese bonus/Farimba/Lithuanian relic bonus in one broken bonus

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That’s why I took away Blast Furnace. It’s an early game power spike, but average in the late game.

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Nice concept, I love this UU idea.

Something truly unique and makes much sense for them as missing both Camels and Halberdiers for dealing with enemy cavalry.


Eh, not sure about that.

We already kind of have a UU that its an anti-cavalry cavalry

Which one? Mamlukes? I didn’t think of them because it’s almost like a camel but with range.


They end up just being an anti-cav cav

Oh yeah those don’t have an hidden anti-cav bonus so would be very different.

Its still practically the same at the end. Unless an armored halb in a horse it will just be Leitis lite

Disagree. Leitis ignores all but exclusively armor, this one would be more specific.
Very different game mechanics, even if somewhat comparable.


Fun fact: FE never made a civ that lacks herbal medicine, and only 2 that miss crop rotation, so ig this brings something new to the table 11 also did you seriously make an arb civ that has no imperial age blacksmith tech for archers

The Huns, Turks, and Vikings don’t have Herbal Medicine, and have no bonus in return.

They were made by ES, not FE.

I know that. But the point is, multiple civilizations without Herbal Medicine already exist, so it doesn’t matter if FE makes one or not. Besides, no one researches Herbal Medicine.

the point about FE not being able to make a civ without HM/CR was a joke

You can also consider War Elephants… I mean… technically War Elephants beat any cavalry in a 1v1 :smiley: (joke post, obviously)

Funnily enough, the base version of AoE1 fully intended players to counter cav with eles and hoplites. Imagine AoE2 if to counter cav they had to give every civ teutonic knights, and then eles to half of them 11

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Intresting idea. Just a bit similar to the ethiopians bonus.

I tried to make it more different but wasn’t sure how.