Idea for Bohemians - age advancing doesn't cost gold

I think I’m being a bit impatient as bonuses are not revealing for new civs yet. Judging from the teaser I think it is safe to say Bohemians will be a gunpowder civ and Poles will be a cavalry one. About a new gunpowder civ, what does we have common in all the 4 existing gunpowder civs? A gold bonus. So I think it is highly likely that Bohemians will also have one if they are a gunpowder civ.

“Age advancing doesn’t cost gold” - I recommended this bonus in an old thread - “Unique Bonuses for Hypothetical new civs”. Now I must have to say I’m not sure how strong this bonus will be. Feudal age should be fine. Saving 200 gold in feudal is not too strong, neither too small. But castle age is a bit concerning. Saving 800 gold can be pretty big deal for castle age knight play. 800 gold is almost equal to gold cost of 11 knight, something a Portuguese player can achieve after training 54 knights. Even in terms of total resources which is equivalent of 6 knights. A Berber player needs to train 40 knights to save this much. This can be OP.

I think this can be kept balanced though. I’m proposing the followings -

  1. No other eco bonus. So they need to completely rely on saving 1000 (200+800) gold only.
  2. No Bloodlines in the tech tree. I think Bloodlines and a food bonus are more attracting than a gold bonus with no Bloodlines for castle age knight play. Also I think other than gunpowder, their main strength will be infantry, not cavalry.

As for other bonuses these will be my guesses -
Team Bonus : A trade related bonus. Trade units +15% HP or +10% speed.
Civ bonus -

  1. Age advancing doesn’t cost gold.
  2. Chemistry and HC available in Castle age. (Earlier access is a theme ever since DE. I think this will also be the case with at least one of the new civ.)
  3. Gunpowder units move +10% faster.
  4. Spearman line +4/+6/+8 bonus attack vs cavalry in Feudal/Castle/Imperial age. (Spearman will kill a bloodlines scout one hit earlier, Pikeman will kill knight one hit earlier, Halbedier will kill Paladin one hit earlier)

UT - 1 : Militia line +10% speed, +1 PA.
UT - 2 : Gunpowder units +1/+1 Or +1/+2 armor.

Let me know what you guys think about these bonuses and share more ideas.

Edit : Forgot to add tech tree. Missing units & techs -
Blacksmith - Plate Barding Armor. So cavalry is not a good choice.
Barracks - Everything available.
Range - Arbs, PT
Stable - Paladin
Siege Workshop - SO, HS
Monastery - With so much gold savings, monk+siege push can feel OP. I’d propose some important techs missing to balance that. Sanctity, Atonement, Block Printing should not available.
University - Should have BBT and good defensive techs.
Eco - Crop Rotation & Guild.
Dock - Average.

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The devs will probably already have a tech tree in mind. There are many threads about this civs, so they probably have had enough input. To me it doesnt really make sense to give more feedback untill the reveal the tech tree.


Did you mean bonuses? Last time tech tree wasn’t revealed until 1-2 days earlier the DLC came out.

I think no gold advance is too strong, unless you cut the gold cost in half and transfer that cost to food, or just keep the full cost and transfer it to wood. You can potentially have one of the fastest Castle times in the game. Hit feudal and instantly drop down a BS and market, sell your 200 gold and bam, going up to castle.

That will be a disadvantage rather than an advantage in most cases imo.

Same thing. You need to build farms and buildings with wood. Wood requiring for age advancing won’t be a good idea.

You meant buy food from the 100 gold you start with right? You still need to mine 30 more as buying price start from 130.

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Yeah. 100. I was thinking of the castle age cost and 200 gold, lol.
Yes. Mining 30 gold won’t take any time at all, just have one vill on gold while you are aging up to feudal.

Going up to Imp age maybe but going up to Castle? I wouldn’t think so.

Nevertheless Devs should have in mind that Bohemians need some kind of bonus to make their hussite wagon and houfnice work somehow.
Would be wasted if they implement them like burgs and sicilians with basically no “real” early eco bonus.

@TO : I think less Food for aging up would probably fit better as hussite wagons will for sure cost wood+gold. So having to place a lot of farms but no gold miners early on to get the later powerspikes can make the civ weird to play.

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True. But remember Ethiopians don’t need to collect gold at all. And they get +100 food as well.

That’s for sure. But not the top 3 honestly. Mongols, Lithuanians, Ethiopians will still be faster.

800 wood instead of 800 gold? I’m still not sure about that tbh. 800 wood = 13 farms + 20 wood + all the potential food loss due to less farms. Surely you need to focus on eco management and change according to that. But again I can’t say that’s a straight forward advantage.

Of course. We are assuming that you don’t buy loom though, so if you buy loom I would say the Bohemian bonus wouldn’t be better but it would be close.

I misspoke, meant Castle Age wouldn’t be bad. Also I was talking about food, not wood in that particular response. It would be an extra 100 food for castle and an extra 400 for Imp. Maybe have the extra 100 in castle but leave out the extra 400 in Imp

I would make it simple, 25 % less food for aging up. It’s quite similar to italians, but I think it fits better to the bohemians design.

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FC after researching loom is very hard to pull off in current meta. And usually other than pretty closed maps like Arena, Hideout, Hillfort, FC is not that common.

I think they will always be very very close and comparable regardless of loom researched or not.

Can you please elaborate and sate the actual cost of the age advancing? I think I still can’t get it.

For feudal age it will be completely broken in water maps. You can’t give it higher than 15% for Feudal for that reason. 15%/20%/25% or 15%/25%/35% or 10%/20%/30% less food for Feudal/Castle/Imperial age advancing. A lot less resource savings compared to no gold age advancing but still a good bonus.

I think bohemians will be terrible in water, so don’t think it’s too high risk. And it’s actually less than the lith both in terms of amount and timing. :wink: Liths are so strong bec they get it from the beginning of the game ;).

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They would have a very strong FC then

Cost to go to castle age. 800 food, 200 gold. After this it would be 900 food.

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Not necessarily. Everyone other than Vikings and Koreans have everything available upto Castle age. You can kill your opponent in feudal or castle.

But they don’t have another extra 200 food in feudal to go to castle, get war galley upgrade 2 minutes before your opponent and destroy all the enemy ship.

And nothing else? How about Imperial. And what were you saying about age advancing cost wood.

Yep. But FI will be stronger than other FI civ imo. Honestly that was my intention. FI → Gunpowder in arena instead of FC → Boom or FC → Monk+Siege. FC is top tier but not good eco or military units to play FC in Arena.

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I mean, no gold age up would be 800 food, I personally think that is a too strong

Convert the gold cost to wood. Or you can cut gold cost in half and THEN convert it to wood.

Oh I see. 200 or 100 wood cost for castle age and 800 or 400 wood for imperial?

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Yes, that is correct

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Wood is collected little faster than wood. 1 Wood= 1 Gold is strong enough because gold is limited resource after all.

Nice. Let’s knock on it.

But jokes aside, ofc gold is much ore valueable than wood. At least 25 % in the mid game, and for sure more than 50-60 % in imp.