Idea for Meso-American Civs

What about make a age selection system like to AoM for meso-americans

Idea not bad, but does lackluster as it offers not much difference.

#Em, Jaguar Warrior and Manlet should be default units

I would say it should be more to choose.

1 Resist: new perks and buffs for existing units, increased population, faster unit production and gathering rates
2 Co-operation: access to basic tech
3 Assimilation: access to advanced tech, but slower production and nerfs

Also, I would say, it needs more new units, like 5 at least if you choose a different route

this are the units in AoE3

I think, if you choose a different route it should add there more units.

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i wrote manlet and jaguar as a example.and yes,you’re right it should add more units

Well big issue is to close logical and historical the gaps

gap 1 cavalry
gap 2 siege units
gap 3 area damage units aka blob control units
gap 4 Unique units
gap 5 buff units

Resist: new calvary like em tamed Jaguars, jaguars are fast and were actually tamed by Aztec
so tamed Jaguar can be upgraded in temple “Jaguar” as it was a spiritual/religious animal

siege units, well there used to be Siege Towers in Mesoamerican wars, so as historcialy proved unit it can be added

em, one idea for long range siege “units”, but I am not sure if it was used by Americans.
as Aztecs had kind of shovels, they could “theoretically” dig under enemies walls.

area damage units aka blob control units, why not Hornet Throwers?
Sounds like a good area damage unit

one very odd thing is, Mesoamerican did use poison arrows with frogs, why did AoE miss that opportunity ? they are even called Poison dart frog, LOL

Aztec were very prominent for blood sacrifices, blood Priest who does sacrifice units for favours and buffs sounds logical

cavalry = tamed Jaguars’
siege units = Siege Towers and tunnellers for long range artillery
area damage units aka blob control units =Hornet Throwers
Unique units = poison frog arrows
buff units = blood Priest

but that’s “heavy not really” historical accurate as it might have been used by Aztec

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