Idea for new DLC without new civ!

new DLCs bring discord inside aoe2 communtiy. What DLC can be done without bringing discord?
AOE2 Clarity DLC

  • Different skins for variant of buildings and units ex:
    - castle age watch tower (they have a lot of more hp in castle age than feodal)
    - trade cart with the upgrade
    - palisade in feodal
    - dark age scout
    - foundation of a building after trademill crane
    - arrow throw at boat with “heatshot” (the attack difference is hudge, chemestry have visual effect on but not heatshot)
    - lumbercamp modify with upgrade (a little modification could be great)
    - fishing ship with gillnets
    - villager without loom

    it already exist for most of building when we advance in ages or with upgrade (ex fortified wall) but not for all.
    Unit upgrade often effect the visual but not all the time…
    It could be also wonderfull to have special design for elite unit, minor modification to know that they are elit.
  • it’s more beautiful (not like my english)
  • help new player to understand the game (example that scout in feodal are stronger than in dark age)
  • help player to know what the opponent have without clicking on the unit

Combine with a new campaign it could make a really good dlc!


Why no one care about this idea?
It’s because you don’t care if this new design is done?
Because you don’t exept that kind of update in a dlc?

Before debating the merits of such propositions, it should be part of a free update. DLCs have always been new civs and new campaigns, usually showcasing the new civs. Any “discord” about new civs is mostly about how to get them balanced with the rest of the game.


I actually think this kind of thing is ideal for a DLC.

People who like it can buy it and enjoy it, without effecting anyone else.


This is basic stuff that should be added for free for the most part. They really shouldn’t charge money for nice stuff. I would be willing to pay them up to 25% of the normal DLC cost though for a DLC that reskinned all the buildings and units to be civ specific but let you choose which ones you want on though. Ideally though, I think they should just start rolling out civ specific units and buildings for free over time, maybe at the rate of one to three a month?