Idea for new mercenaries

The general designs of mercenaries are one of these:
(1) An overall buffed regular unit.
(2) An overall buffed version of a unique unit with special traits, e.g.:
Barbary corsair ~ rodelero
Elmeti ~ lancer
(3) A unit with its own special traits, e.g.:
Mameluke: hand cavalry but with massive hit points
Yojimbo: cavalry archer but with high melee damage

I’m not listing all of them exhaustively because they are well documented here:

Now I’m thinking of what unit types or traits are missing if we want to add new mercenaries. Here are some that I come up with. Some cards or church techs can be changed accordingly
Regarding historical accuracy, some mercenaries in the original were hardly mercenaries (fusilier, manchu, hakkapeliitta, harquebusier) or only hired by one foreign power (Napoleon gun), while some regular units were actually mercenaries (dopplesoldner, gurkha), so I’m not limiting my list to “true” mercenaries in history, but rather interesting units that are missing from the current civs and their rosters.

Genoese/Pavise crossbowman (III): mercenary crossbowman. Speaks Italian. (iron troop feels more like an archer than a crossbowman)

Armatolos (III): mercenary janissary. Speaks Greek.

Walloon Guard (III): mercenary grenadier with grenade launcher. Speaks Dutch or Flemish. (it should be a generic musketeer but that role is taken)

Foreign Legion (III): mercenary musketeer with higher melee damage but relatively lower ranged damage. Speaks French.

Chevau-leger (III): mercenary uhlan. Speaks French or Polish. (now that the mercenary version of hakkapeliitta is gone, this position is open)

Rifleman or Ranger (IV): mercenary sharpshooter (longer range than regular skirmishers). Speaks English.

Mitrailleuse (IV): mercenary Gatling gun. Speaks Dutch, Flemish or French.

The mercenary version of cuirassier is also missing (mamelukes do not have splash damage), but I can’t find a good historical unit to model after.

What ideas do people have?


Arqbusier is the replacement for teh Hakkapelitta, so the position is already filled.


It is more similar to the new regular hakkapeliitta because it has a ranged attack (but harquebusier has a relatively lower hp so it’s also somewhat similar to uhlan) .

Harquebusier. Arquebusier is the Chinese Skirmisher.

Confusing, I know.

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