Idea for Production Queue management

I’d like to suggest adding a hotkey for buildings to disable production. There are hotkeys in place in the game to select all buildings of the same type. I am very glad for this because it saves time and a lot of tedious micromanagement for players. The only problem with this is that if a player has 2 buildings of the same type set apart by a long distance, it becomes an impediment if you only want to build out of one, because now the player has to control group each building to a different hotkey. My suggestion would remove the necessity for doing this without impacting the way players now and would make micromanaging production easier and more intuitive for both new and old players alike.


ithink its a great idea, and would to see it added… really silly to see those huskarls being trained from the rax on the wrong side of the map…

Yes I would love to see that change. I don’t feel like it says much about my skill to micro manage between spamming units out of particular buildings when you have 25 stables late game 11