Idea for water maps tourment

Some times the matches in tourments are decided on water maps (like the final of last Open Classic Yo vs. Lierey) when Portugeuses wins only because Feitorias, waiting for lack of wood for the oponent and then dominated very late game.

There is my idea - a map like a Marketplace from EW - in the corners are a neutral docks, so players could trade. The solution is not ideal, but can compensate disadventage which every civ has on the water map vs Poruguese.

If here is somebody who knows how create a new type of maps, just do it, because i dont know :smiley:


Water maps in general are rather boring, cause water isn’t sophisticated. The only comeback strategy is trying to get some demo ships in which only works if you can surprise the opponent. And as towers and castles are so strong against ships the dominance on water can’t really translate to a land dominance.

Maybe there could be something made around this, like ships can dock on land and convert themselves to some kind of heavy land unit (like trebs pack and unpack).

But in current state water maps tend to go to stale game situations if both sides play considerably well.
And the proposal wouldn’t change anything about that. It’s actually the opposite, the feitoria makes water actually more interesting because it forces action.

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Excuse me?! You have no idea what you are talking about

And this 11111, could be said for any map.