[Idea] Map pool voting for Empire Wars

As of now, you can only vote for the 1v1 and TG pool in Random Map. Since it replaced Deathmatch, the map pool for Empire Wars only has been changed once to reflect the maps present in RBW:L.
I am aware that EW is more like a niche mode but wouldn’t it be a nice idea as well to be able on vote on the EW pool?

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It could be. However, EW is not that active mode anyway tbf, so it won’t matter whatever it will be.

On the other hand, it actually seems the in game vote system didn’t go well after all and need more improvement.

Seems like a waste of time for the devs that could go into tweaking the current system of something first. EWs is dead mostly, it’s not popular with most of the playerbase, so it just feels pointless voting for it.