Idea: more "accurate" description of civilization bonuses

Right now the civ description only contains (1) some unique mechanics of the civ (2) unique units (3) royal guard units, which do not really cover all the “true” bonuses of the civ.

For example, Brits have three cavalry upgrade cards, which give them quite decent dragoons, but this is not shown in the description. Not to mention their grenadiers with all the upgrade cards are even better than royal guard grenadiers.
Similarly, Chinese have several artillery upgrade cards which is also not mentioned. Spaniards have the very important (and insane) unction card which gives them very strong military in the late game, but a new player could not read these from the civ descriptions.

Now that the tree-like layout of cards have been removed, this becomes even less readable. In the legacy, one may at least spot a series of upgrades related to certain unit types and get an idea of what the civ is good at.

I would suggest showing some featured or distinguished cards along with unique units, etc.


It won’t be easy to explain all the cards they have. Players will have to pay attention and think for themselves which cards they have and how to use them to win.

They could do an effort for ports. Their bonus is just one sentence :frowning:

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In fact, Except for Sweden and the Incas, civilizations have one or two civilization bonuses. Sweden and the Incas have too many bonuses.

That`s what you do when you build a deck (Reading the cards)

Along with the opinions in the OP, I feel like the tech tree in aoe 3 could use some work. It has to display more information on civ bonuses and has to be altered to make players understand what each civ is strong at. I don’t think anybody really uses it. I am not much of an aoe 2 player but I think aoe 2 did it right.

As someone who doesn’t know anything about aoe 2, The tech tree really helps me from time to time. More information could be added the same way into the tooltip of aoe 3 tech tree like the stats. Since I have been playing aoe 3 for years including the legacy edition, I could say what most of the units do and what their stats are, so I don’t think it can be easy for someone who just started playing the game and the tech tree fails to provide that knowledge.

And I actually like how the aoe 2 tech tree provides information on upgraded versions of each unit instead of just showing the upgrade like in the aoe 3 tech tree. Like if I want to know how strong a unit is, I have to play a skirmish game, use cheats, build stuff and upgrade units or open the browser and search for it in the aoe wikipedia instead of just taking a glance at the tech tree. This must be changed.

One noticeable issue with doing this is that the icons and names of units change in aoe 2 when upgraded but still serve the same purpose of their predecessors.

aoe 3 reuses the icons for the upgraded versions, so I have an idea. You could simply do it like this:

Please consider doing it! Add more info on upgrades and stats.