Idea of a new Inca unit

This new Inca unit could make up a little for the great lack that these have when they reach the late game, the Inca unit itself is the so-called “Runa Rifle” or literally (man with rifle) would be enabled from the third age in the Kallanka and would have the following statistics:

85 hit points

23 base damage with x2 multiplier to heavy cavalry

12 range

18 siege

speed 4

30% ranged resistance

it would cost

70 food and 30 gold

1 pop

I think that with this unit the Incas would be better covered in later ages and would take the phase of the Manco Inca rebellion where the Incas already had stolen European weapons, this unit could be a new one or simply replace the maceman that is not much use



little update


Hey man it looks pretty good i think with that unit u can Kite pretty good and be better than bolas Warriors , definetly with quechua natives it looks strange that inca have the same units , maybe a light musketer type unit like holcan javaliner in sustitution of plumed Lancer would be good to don’t make it just like a cheap copy of puma Lancer of aztec


Inca already have Uber Runners…They don’t need anything else.


Yeah thats true but how do you fight Big masses of musk , art and huss ??

Yes they do, or at least make the macemen viable for a 3 pop unit like the cuirassier or similarly the skull knight is. They need something to deal with mass skirms, just like aztec they have nothing that deals with them well. Huaracas have also been nerfed and all they got in exchange was target lock when they needed more range or siege resist to deal with artillery adequately and cost effectively as they were designed to do.

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Incas dont need new units they need a Little rework