IDEA: Replace Standard victory with extra condition

I’m going to keep this short and simple: Standard victory is rarely used, you could be able to win with a Wonder (or relics) on regicide, last man standing and even KotH back in the day, it was fun. Standard victory is not used anymore, I think that it should be taken away and put as an option under the settigs selectable squares (next to record game, under fixed positions) under the name “Allow wonder/relic victory”

What do you think? That way you could use different and interesting matches.


I always thought that racing for relics was a fun, unexpected move. Wonder victory could make regicide games less campy, motivating players to go out of their comfort zones. This could result in interesting battles.
In king of the hill, this would be the equivalent of having TWO hills in countdown lol.
Wait, is two hills not a thing? SOMEONE, MOD THAT RIGHT NOW!
This is streaming content right here! someone, call T90!

Yeah, I remember you could actually build a Wonder during KotH settings or even regicide, there are videos about it, would be fun to have that option again at least.