[Idea] Training multiple units(from multple buildings) with one click

This idea just popped into my head and it would be a very nice addition to this game and also AoE4:

What if we could configure some kind of pre-made training queues(fo each civ) in a special menu and then use it in game?

Like this:

Group 1: 1 Onager + 10 spearman
Group 2: 10 Cavalry + 8 Crossbowman.
Group 3: 15 Unique Unit + 2 Trebuchets.

This would be configured before entering a game. After you enter the game you could use some shortcut to bring a small menu with your premade training queues.

Clicking queue 3 would automatically check if you have a castle + the resources to build 15 UU + 2 Trebs and then will queue all of them in only one click of a button.

That would be very nice for late game fights when you have a good surplus of resources.

To go even further imagine being able to also automatically attribute the queued up order and make them part of a unit group?

What if we could just configure certain build orders before the game and then the game just produces to right numbers of villagers and sends them to the right ressources.

Like this:

Group1 : Scout rush
Group 2: M@A -> Archers
Group 3: Drush -> FC

Sorry dude, I think with the scouting topic floating around it’s a very bad time to suggest making something work more automatic. As you would need to float a lot of ressources for your idea it would probably not affect high level play (or only in ultra lategame), but I still think the idea is terrible. Especially the game scanning for you if there are the right buildings is just too much. Go and play the game yourself. Managing your economy and keeping an overview of what you have is an important part of the game.
It’s good for the game if some part are not that easy to manage. That’s part of the charme of real time strategy games. You need to manage your time. You can’t just do 1 click/button and have the game work for itself. I’m all for simplifications like multi que (ability to select multiple buildings and having the game distribute your orders on all buildings), because they just make the game understand your orders in a more intelligent way. It’s easier to communicate with your units - that’s a good thing. But players needing the give a lot less orders for the game to do what you want is a bad thing (except if it’s something really obvious like workers going to work after building a mining camp).

Just to be sure - @Devs: This is not a widely requested feature!


Oh boy, that’s gonna last for a while. Meme quote over here


Maybe you didn’t understand well what I meant, because this feature wouldn’t
help rushes at all, because you need all the resources available and when rushing you simply don’t have the necessary resources for 10 knights in FC right away, for example.

So you think having to click 15 times in order to make 15 units is good gameplay?

I see it like this: I am commanding the empire. I should be able to order people to train “batches” of soldiers, battalions.

Shift + w = produces 5 knights.

If you’re having trouble creating units, I recommend learning to play better. This is not an issue whatsoever.

I know that, thanks.
Still if you want a diverse army you have to do a lot of clicking, even using Shift.

It doesn’t make the game have more complexity or depth. You just need lots of click when could have been 2.

Also, I’m not saying it’s an issue, all I’m saying it’s that it would be nice to have my “favourites” units combination at the click of a button.

EDIT: I think people saw this thread as a complaint, but it’s not. I just thought it would be a nice feature to have.

Issue is when you learn to play you simply don’t make buildings and queue stuff in everyone of them. Example you can have 5 stables at home, 5 at one flank and 10 at other flank. You produce units from multiple places for different purposes and easiest way to manage this is just ctrl grouping the production. Now you might need siege rams on other side and onagers on other and paladins there and halbs here.

Your idea sounds nice, but in the end it’s just useless feature. Units going into control groups directly also has some issues, making it possibly useless addition too.
(Big issue with this is when you click the group hotkey twice, the screen gets centered in middle of the mass of units. If one unit is just ready from the building, you’ll just see the line of your units running to the battle, making it fairly useless.)

That’s a very good point. It would be complicated to deal when you have too many buildings, but I still think it can be done in a good way. (Maybe it will choose the buildings closest to the “camera”, so you have to be mindful of that when using such a feature)
Yeah, the control group thing was just a thought, maybe it wouldn’t fit well.

EDIT: Another thing that people are missing is that this would be OPTIONAL. People that prefer the old way of queuing wouldn’t be affected at all.

Sure anything can be done, if you’ve the will, time and there is need. But I just don’t see it being a feature that is really needed.

AoE2DE has still a ton of issues starting from pathing, I think the game has more features than enough to make the game enjoyable to play.

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That’s true, unfortunately. There are more pressing matters.