Ideal fix wall problem

Goal is be strong but some what ability to go around.

So instead of making walls useless in hp but give offensive ability to disable walls.

So if you have wall that is not man in history it’s useless wall should have high health.

But in history if someone saw wall that has no troops patrolling will climb it and open gate for invading army.

So to solve it infantry can build ladders and it produce circle if no enemy’s in circle then infantry can gain accesse to the wall. Then that infantry can push to gate and circle and timer if no enemy in range they gain accesses to gates.

So it take very little defensive to stop offensive to take over gates but only have small force can result of being killed and haveing ability to be over run.

So booming won’t be safe in fed age if you don’t invest in defending your walls

That’s extremely involved IMO.

An easier implementation would be to fix the siege tower to function as a 2 way ladder. Currently siege tower effectively works as a 2-way IFFF rhe enemy wall has a gate… if there is no gate then you’re just up on A wall…

Additionally they should fix the 2 way ladder mechanic I’m talking about to work where you click the siege tower onto the enemy wall and once it attaches you no longer need to click and engage the siege tower again. You can simply path your infantry units onto or over the wall with a click. Currently the seige tower is slow and clunky in mechanism ontop of extremely niche.

Another idea to improve stonewalls os to introduce watchtower that do NOT attack and are reasonably priced and built that over 25+ tiles of LOS in the cone direction the watchtower points. I think standard LOS on towers is like 10 or 16 tiles? :thinking: so having 25+ would be huge and functional.

And keep8ng the watchtower directional would keep it from being too OP

stone walls and walls in general have been nerfed into near irrelevancy. They need buffing if anything

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Problem is you wall to keep out but if you don’t need army and just keep stacking is bad design.

Goal of the wall + small force can keep larger force out but before the nerf u didn’t need any force keep army out.

So I think better option then making walls useless have ability to go around. Small force can scale walls which counter to that have towers and patrolling the wall.

How did the wall with no defending force keep rams out before the nerfs?

I swear defences are akin to the boogeyman for some players.

? You still can and use to be able to quickly rebuild walls instantly as they were destroyed and rams were BUFFED specifically against stone walls bc how INEFFECTIVE rams were.

China use to be able to put a billion towers behind stone wall and that auto repair could out repair 3 bombards attacks…

Walls use to start with more HP prebuild, so it was virtually impossible to stop it from going up IFFFF you could not kill the builder…and when the builder was a delhi MAA building tons of stonewall tower near your base in seconds? It was sooooo much worse than keep drop?

Now I’m skeptical that you played this game in those times?

Played since release but other than the extreme end of things (being the china buffed walls) I never found any issues with walls.

Now I’m sceptical that you utilised your units correctly in those times?

walls need to be strong,

to avoid “rivers of walls”, what many players compleined, just make walls more expensive to build