Ideas for campaigns and battles

I’ve decided to post something I made with a few people on a server, some ideas of theirs and mine:

Post your ideas for new campaigns for existing civs! Can be for those who already have one. even battle scenarios! Anything!
(C) campaign (B) battle/1 scenario

Aztecs: Tlacaelel (C), Ahuitzotl’s Acquisition of Xoconocho (B), Xicotencatl (C)
Bengalis: Illyas Shah (C), Ekdala (1359) (B)
Berbers: Alcacer-Quibir (1578) (B), Al-Kahina (C), the Almoravids (C), the Almohads (C), Battle of Three Kings (B)
Bohemians: Ottokar II (C)
Britons: Richard the Lionheart (C), King Arthur (C), War of The Roses (C), Alfred the Great (C), The Black Prince (C), Henry V (C, replacing Agincourt)
Bulgarians: Siege of Constantinople (B), Rise of the Bulgarian Empire (B), Khan Krum (C)
Burgundians: Philip the Bold (C), Golden Spurs (1302) (B)
Burmese: Second Mongol invasion of Burma (B), Anawrahta (C)
Byzantines: Alexios Komnenos (C), Pelagonia (1259) (B), Justinian/Belisarius (C), Heraclius (C), Basil I (C)
Celts: Brian Boru/Battle of Clontarf (C)/(B) Constantine II and the defeat of the Danes (C), Largs (1263) (B), Malcolm Canmore (C), King Arthur (C)
Chinese: Cao Cao (C), Taizong (C), Zhu Yuanzhang (C), Dou Jiande (C), The Red Turban Rebellions (C, replacing Lake Poyang)
Cumans: Otrok (C), Boniak the Mangy (C)
Dravidians: Jatavarman Sundara (C), Krishnavevaraya (C)
Ethiopians: Amda Seyon I (C), Kaleb of Axum (C)
Franks: Charlemagne (C), Clovis (C), Charles Martel (C, replacing Tours), Philip Augustus (C)
Goths: Liuvigild (C), Nedao (454) (B), Theodoric (C)
Gurjaras: Mihira Bhoja (C)
Hindustanis: Mongol invasion of India (C), Muhammad Ghori (C)
Huns: Herat (484) (B)
Incas: Huayna Capac (C), Huáscar(C), Escape to Vilcabamba (C)
Italians: Parma (1248) (B)
Japanese: Minamoto (C, replacing Kurukara), Sengoku Jidai (C, replacing Kyoto, the campaign would cover Oda #########, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu’s reigns successively)
Khmer: Jayavarman VII (C)
Koreans: Jangsu, Gaesomun (C)
Lithuanians: Saule (1236) (B)
Magyars: Hunyadis (John and Matthias) (C), Árpád Dynasty (St. István and László) (C), Nagy Lajos (C)
Malay: Raden Wijaya (C)
Malians: Mansa Musa (C)
Mayans: Star Wars (C), Hunac Ceel Cauich (C), Yax Kʼukʼ Moʼ (C), Pacal the Great (C)
Mongols: Subotai (C), Ogedei Khan (C), Kublai Khan (C)
Persians: Muhammad Ghori (C), Emperor Harshvardhan (C), Mahmud of Ghazni (C), Khosrow (C, replacing Bukhara)
Poles: Kazimierz the Great (C)
Portuguese: Siege of Lisbon 1147 (B), Afonso Henriques (C), Vimara Peres’ conquest of Porto (B)
Saracens: Battle of Ain Jalut (B), The Caliphates (C), Khalid ibn Walid (C), Mu’awiya (C)
Sicilians: Sicilian Vespers (1282) (B), George of Antioch (C)
Slavs: Ivan the Terrible (C), Alexander Nevsky (C), Sviatoslav the Brave (C), Ivan III the Great (C)
Spanish: Catalan Company (C), Peter III of Aragon (C), Hernan Cortez (C)
Teutons: Nancy (1477) (B), Henry the Lion (C), Frederich II Roger Hofenstaufen (C starting with Sicilians), Otto the Great (C)
Turks: Constantinople (1453) (B), Hayreddin Barbarossa (C), Suleiman (C), Nicopolis (B), Suleiman ibn Qutulmish (C), Suleiman the Magnificent #### ###### II (C)
Vikings: Ragnar Loðbrok (C), Valdemar Sejr (C), Sigurd the Crusader (C), Canute the Great (C)

Miscellaneous civs campaigns (mixed like Dracula and El Cid):
Franks, Burgundians and Britons: Hundred Years War Historical Battles (C)

“Custom” civs (Like Stephen III and even Tomislav):
Albanians (Slavs/Byzantines): Skanderbeg (C)
Serbs (Slavs): Stefan Dusan (C)


Alexander Nevsky (Slavs)

John Hunyadi (Magyars)

Zhu Yuanzhang (Chinese)

Suleiman ibn Qutulmish (Turks)

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Britons: Alfred the Great
Chinese: Dou Jiande
Koreans: Jangsu, Gaesomun
Hindustanis: Muhammad Ghori
Slavs: Sviatoslav the Brave
Spanish: Hernan Cortez
Turks: Suleiman the Magnificent
Vikings: Sigurd the Crusader



  1. Honfoglalás
  2. Árpád Dynasty (St. István and László)
  3. Nagy Lajos
  4. Hunyadi János & Mátyás
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That’s already in the game though.

hmm perhaps the Magyar invasion of Europe could work with scenarios like invading Iberia

Berbers: Al-Kahina (C), the Almoravids (C), the Almohads (C), Battle of Three Kings (B)
Britons: the Black Prince (C), Henry V (C, replacing Agincourt)
Bulgarians: Khan Krum (C)
Byzantines: Justinian/Belisarius (C), Heraclius (C)
Chinese: the Red Turban Rebellions (C, replacing Lake Poyang)
Dravidians: Krishnavevaraya (C)
Franks: Clovis (C), Charles Martel (C, replacing Tours), Philip Augustus (C)
Goths: Theodoric (C)
Japanese: Minamoto (C, replacing Kurukara), Sengoku Jidai (C, replacing Kyoto, the campaign would cover Oda #########, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu’s reigns successively)
Mongols: Ogedei Khan (C), Kublai Khan (C)
Persians: Khosrow (C, replacing Bukhara)
Saracens: Mu’awiya (C)
Teutons: Otto the Great (C)
Turks: Mehmed II (C)
Vikings: Canute the Great (C)

Edit: I don’t know why Oda’s name is censored but I guess you can guess or find who I’m talking about based on context.


MS, this is getting ridiculous. We can’t even talk about history on a forum for a historical game! We’re not 12! Let us say stuff. We don’t need your handholding.


use heros from the editor to make campaigns? Eg. Harold hadrada alexander neveski etc.

Byzantines: Basil I
Slavs: Ivan III the Great
Ethiopians: Amda Seyon I and Kaleb of Axum
And maybe Jayavarman VII for Khmers.

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  • Tlacaelel, a major influence over the reign of several emperors and is credited with being the main initiator of the Triple Alliance, and instituting the practice of “Garland Wars.” (C)
  • Ahuitzotl’s Acquisition of Xoconocho, a distant (chocolate) trading center in Maya territory, and far from other Aztec possessions (S)
  • Xicotencatl: (not Aztecs politically, but fellow Nahuas, who could be represented well enough by the existing civ) Tlaxcaltecan POV of the Spanish conquest (with Tlaxcala represented as a somewhat defensively oriented variant of the Aztec civ). (C)


  • Hunac Ceel Cauich Leader during a conflict started Trojan-War style against the Itzás by the abduction of a powerful lord’s wife. Initially defeated by the Itzás in combat, and thrown as a sacrifice into the sacred cenote at Chichen Itzá. He managed to survive and become lord of Mayapan, whereafter he returned and defeated the Itzás, eventually becoming lord of the entire region. (C)
  • Yax Kʼukʼ Moʼ, Teotihuacán-associated warrior who conquered Copán and created a long-lasting dynasty. Notable advances in maths and astronomy under this dynasty. (C)
  • Pacal the Great, one of the longest reigning monarchs in history. Expansion and building projects in the city-state of Palenque, a hostage rescue scenario where one of his lords is captured, and wars with various other states. (C)


  • Escape to Vilcabamba: Follows Manco Inca Yupanqui’s escape from Spanish-occupied Cusco, successful counterattacks, defeat of the Spanish at Ollantaytambo, and eventual retreat to Vilcabamba and formation of a Neo-Inca state. Possibly continues with his sons, until the death of Túpac Amaru. Presents some historically justified opportunities for the Incas to use captured Spanish weapons and armor. (C)

It’s already in aoe 3 playing with Morroccans…

Tokugawa Ieyasu is already aoe 3, let’s leave it to Hideyoshi…

Ivan the Terrible and Ivan III are already in the rus campaign of aoe 4, I don’t think they will repeat events… with Alexander Nevsky it will be fine…

It already appears in the battle of Algiers in aoe 3…although I plan to adapt it in aoe 2 xd…

Why not just Hongwu and that’s it… it’s easier to pronounce…

I would add Lady Six Sky who was queen and regent of Naranjo between 682 and 741 and is also a Mayan leader in civ 6…

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