Ideas for Competitive eSports AOE?

Do you think is possible to have weekly or monthly competitions of AOE with the rise of AOE IV?
Something like League of Legends.

AOE would urgently need to advertise itself soon when they properly show AOE IV.

What do you think Relic should do? Do you think it will be possible? What do you think are the issues for that to happen?

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Riot is fully dedicated to one game, whereas game studios are pressured to release game after game, especially considering AoE4 is just one of the many AoE games they gotta maintain. Development cycles for released games tend to slow down, and can’t keep up with the demands that a game with real competitive traction (overwatch, dota and the like) would require (weekly patches, balancing, continuous development of new features).

Then I guess we shouldnt be able to expect anything alike?

I mean, people like ZeroEmpires already do that for the AoE2HD community. I believe it would a massive oversight from the team behind AoE4 if they at least don’t consider ways to bring these guys to officially work with them on these things.

I really hope AoE4 is being thought about in the long run, to be an e-sport, and not just a product launch to keep the studio afloat.


Agree with you. I really want to put plenty of effort in the game.

Really don’t think so. They didn’t do it for Halo which has a bigger following and more suitable for eSports, don’t expect it from AoE.

Pretty sure they’ll only have the same ranked systems you see on aoe2hd, msn gaming zone, woobly, aoe3, etc.

You are right. However, Age of Empires itself has so so much potential for a competitive gameI think.