Ideas for Fun Home City Decorations You Would Like to See

So basically this is a thread made mostly for some fun speculation. I know that Home City customizations are just eye candy, but I kind of miss the fun of unlocking new visual gizmos with my experience points now that I’ve long ago unlocked all of the decorations for my favorite civs. Unlocking the customizations for the African civs reminded me how much I liked this mechanic and so I decided to speculate a bit on some ideas about how to add new customizations to the existing Home Cities.

Here go my two cents. If anyone likes, please join in and share some of yours as well. Who knows, maybe a dev sees this and gets the ball rolling for new decorations for our home cities:

For all European Civs in General:
-The Merchant Investor: A burgueois investor in naval ventures surveying the docks for his cargo and ships and taking notes on his log of all the new wares arriving from abroad.
-The Suspicious Sailor: a shady character that roams the streets with a pet parrot as he amusedly strokes his beard while surveying the landluvers with his one good eye.

-Pigeons: the buildings and streets of London are overrun by a flock of pesky pigeons.
-The Chimney Cleaner: a charcoal covered worker with a broom over his shoulder going to his next job.

-The Agitator: this political radical gathers the crowds around him as he rails against the system and tries to distribute revolutionary pamphlets to the populace.

-Street Musicians: a duo of musicians with a male guitarrist and a female castañuela dancer roaming the streets displaying their Flamenco music.
-The Hidalgo: a nobleman in a horse that attracts all the pretty ladies with his charm.

-The Scholars: a pair of scholars candidly arguing about their latest mathemathical innovations.

-The Salish Wool Dog: a small dog raised by the Natives that belongs to a breed that would disappear in the near future.

-The Spice Merchant: an overweight lady that trades her chocolate and hot spices at the market.


Awesome ideas !!!

I think it would fit any European Home City :wink:

I will add from myself:

For every Home City:

  • Statue of Ruler for each Home City (e.g. Izabella for Spaniards and Ivan for Russians) - they should be detailed and different from each other
  • Militia for every Home City (not only European) - similar to the Russians
  • Animals on the street for each Home City, e.g. cats
  • A civ ruler who walks around HC surrounded by guards
  • Womens in traditional costumes

For every European Home City:

  • Flags similar to the Swedes civ for each European civ
  • Various flags for European civs to choice - similar to US civ (e.g. French revolutionary flag and Imperial Russian flag)

The rulers animations would be adequate to their personality, e.g .:
Iwan the Terrible would ■■■■ under his own statue, beat policemen and get drunk (psychopath)
Napoleon Bonaparte would ride a horse at the helm of a shipment and picking up womens - ending up slapping




Why? In my opinion, it’s pretty. It only needs the ability to customize.


It has in the PUP right now. I want more customization for the Asian home cities though. Overall I just want more weather effects for all the home cities.


What the PUP adds? Can you share the screenshots?

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It’s in Reddit, both Japan and Indian get home city customizations.

They even added skins for the explorers.

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American civs too ??? Most Aztecs and Incas have the option to do so.

Mmm, so nice!

From what I heard, these are just the civs from the African DLC. Right?

I wonder when it will be added to the game :star_struck:

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A few more ideas for Home City animations:

-Oktoberfest!: Your people celebrate with merriment their favorite yearly festival.

-Bead Scribes: a pair of functionaries recording data in the market using their knot and bead scripture.

-Royal Musketeers: fancily dressed officers on errand in town on behalf of the crown.

-Coffee Shop: outdoor turkish café with patrons discussing the affairs of the day over a hot brew.

-Siberian Mystic: a shady religious mystic from the hinterland judgmentally eyeing the banalities of city dwellers with his spooky visage.

-More weather and time of day variants (i.e. snow, rain, fog, day, night, twilight, etc.).


Más banderas (similar EE.UU.)

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Y que se aseguren que estas ondeen al viento en la misma dirección. Hay varias Home cities con banderas ondeando en sentido opuesto y eso es muy molesto.

(In English) They should also fix flags so they all flutter in the wind in the same direction. It is really annoying to see flags fluttering incoherently from each other.


Sounds delicious :beers:

Spain: wagons with products from/to America
British: Crows around the city
France: 1789 flags/cockades and friesian hats.
Germany: Imperial Landsknechts
Indians: a fleet on the coast, sacred cows and painted floors.
Japan: different clans’ flags.


Oktoberfest would be awesome, but unlikely :frowning: the timeline doesn’t line up unfortunately

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They could add a prestige feature. When you unlock all the options at HC lvl 50 (or whatever it is) you can reset it back to lvl 1 with a new sky (or something) unlocked.

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The Emperor’s Treasury: Added patrolling guards to replace the original drunks

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