Ideas for "imperial" upgrades to units

To preface this post: I’m not suggesting any kind of re-balancing to the existing civs, just a thought.

So far in the game we have “imperial” upgrades to some units:

  • Vietnamese Imperial skirmisher
  • Polish-Lithuanian winged Hussar
  • Roman legionary
  • Hindustani imperial camel
  • Bohemian houfnice

Disregarding balance, what civs do you think should get some sort of imperial upgrades to their unit?

For example: Franks getting imperial paladin, Saracens getting Imperial arbalest… maybe sicilians getting imperial transport ship??? 11

Maybe the civs that in real life built empires after the discovery of America could have a unit to reflect that. They would be the Britons, Spanish, Portuguese, Franks and… well, as I’m typing this, I realise it’s absolutely eurocentric and people wouldn’t like it. I was going to come up with my proposed unit but now I don’t know what it could be.

Maybe the Colonialist Knight.

This isn’t really an Imperial upgrade, but an alternate upgrade. Same with Legionary.


Unit lines with only two units can have this I guess.
Scorpion upgrade to nest of bees for chinese and koreans.
HCA upgrade for nomad civis
BE and SL upgrade for civis which already have them.


I think Conq can get Imp upgrade, considering they get nerf in Castle age and can be more powerful in imperial age.

Burgundian flemish militia can be imperial upgrade of champion perhaps.

Genitour and imperial skirmisher can be available for more civs.


HC upgraded to Arquibuser. Portuguese has an UT similar to the name though.
Imperial Halberdier.
Heavy Pikeman replacing Halberdier.
Heavy Xbow replacing Arbalester.
Imperial Arbalester.
Imperial Hussar.
Heavy Cavalier upgrade replacing Paladin for Euroasian trio - Huns, Cumans & Magyars.

Honestly, most of them sounds like just skin or name replacements. None really interesting.

Introducing “imperial” upgrades to units for various civilizations could add interesting dynamics. For instance, Franks with Imperial Paladins, Saracens with Imperial Arbalests, or Sicilians with Imperial Transport Ships could provide unique strategic opportunities. It would depend on game balance considerations and developer decisions.

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No offence if this isn’t the case, but it’s hard to take you seriously when you type like a chatbot.