Ideas for new map modes in the game!

Hello guys how are you hope you are well.

I want so suggest on you some ideas for new map modes in ranked and unraked matchs, i will call it “Rain and mud”. You start the game in any map-Arabia for example- then after a few minutes, the rain begins to fall, causing mud to form, impeding the movement of horses and knights, making it slow so for example if the enemy send the knights and the rain fall you will take the advantage to kill the knights that got stuck in mud or lose some of their hp and health, ofcourse there should be signs that it will rain then you should know when to attack/not attack or sending troops or something like that.

So what do you think?

No, you’re asking for a weather effect that greatly affects balance. I think that might work for AoE 4 instead.

In other games, some of them have an “AoD” type scenario (Art of Defence) where you basically have to combine defences and units to prevent enemy units - which the AI controls - from reaching the end line or a certain spot. Could even include extra technologies, units or resources as a ‘reward’ for completing each wave. Usually, some waves contain ‘mini-bosses’ and bosses.

Naturally, Castles might have to be limited but I recall seeing these maps before in AoE2. But I often played these in C&C: Generals.

Would be great for singleplayer types, comp stompers or people who like to have chill games but just my two pence. But I like the idea of more game modes.

This will not affect on any balance because the weather will effect to all what is the problem with that?!

Yeah i think it will be good even in MP games

If weather effects were easy to add in the game, it would have long been implemented. Your suggestion is another gimmick to be added for AoE 2 DE which the game doesn’t need. Also this weather gimmick is suited for single-player type of content like campaigns or custom games than being implemented in “ranked” matches.

Best chance to have rains slowing down cavalry is if the upcoming AoE 4 has dynamic weather effects.

Yes it does. Some units are more mobile then other units. That is part of their strength. If you make them less mobile because of the weather, then they will perform worse. You already give a good example in your first post:

Things like this will mess with the balance.

In the end i am not convinced about this idea. It might be something for a mod (if that is possible). But i think it wont be played much.

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AoE3 seems to be the playground for implementing ideas that the AoE community at-large won’t like or are opposed to. It already implemented playing cards, free unit and resource shipments, resource teleportation technology, and sentient trains that use mental telepathy to show you what they see. Weather effects that affect gameplay and balance seems better-suited for a trial run in AoE3. Let’s do it there first and let’s see how it goes…

For AoE2, I love the thought of some weather; but not impacting gameplay, unit movement, or balance. Purely cosmetic.