Ideas for the Dutch rework

The devs seem to be working through all the original civs and give them some new flavour to make them more interesting and get some more historical referencing.
It is fun to speculate and decided to do a little fan design of a potential Dutch design, as they seem to be one of the less popular civs according to the megapoll on these forums. But mostly just for fun really.

new cards:

  • Behouden Huys (I)
    Ships a Blockhouse wagon, settlers gather food from hunts slightly more efficient while near a blockhouse.
  • Raid on the Medway (III)
    Ships a number of marines and allows Fluyts to train marines.
  • Bay of Matanzas (III)
    This shipment and the next 7 will ship additional large silver(gold) crates.
  • Gouden eeuw (III)
    For a short period, doubles banks gold trickle
  • Bestevaêr (IV)
    Ships a Mighty battleship that has an aura that increases other nearby ship’s damage.
  • Fall of Antwerp (IV)
    Ships a bank wagon and increases bank build limit by 1.
  • Schutterij (IV)
    Halberdiers are fully replaced with Musketeers at the Barracks, Homecity, and on the map.

Altered cards:

  • Religious freedom, Blue guard church tech
    Now ships less Musketeers but increases their attack and defense by 10%
  • Military Reforms
    Now also affects Musketeers
  • Dutch East India company
    Now also lets banks supply 10 population.
  • Bank Wagon
    Renamed to Heeren XVII
  • Dutch Raiding Fleet
    Renamed Watergeuzen

I hope they rework their Logistician because right now it’s the worst of their commerce age.
Playing Halbs should be viable instead of just semi-FF everytime with 400 wood.

Anyway, I think dutch, french and germans should be on the bottom of the rework list because they are still balanced and competitive.

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Riight now Dutch is aboom/turtle civ, and reworks tend to open to new strategies. I don’t see the gold related ideas, but maybe the ones that plays around musketeers could be cool and not OP.

I would like them to remove the commercial age skirmish and add crossbows that cost gold and food, or lower the range to 18-16, nerf the halberdier at an early age but buff it later.
I like the ideas, except giving musketeers to the dutchs, I think this is too big a buff.