Ideas for the next Patch

I do not know, they do get reliable Paladin and Hussar in 1v1, which is super hard to do with any other civ.

I think half-costed Paladin upgrade is already a big bonus, and merits losing Husbandry.
Half-costed Hussar upgrade is the cherry on top.

It is very likely just a bug so will be fixed. And even without the double damage they are still very good vs archers. Because they are so cheap.

Why don’t all cavalry have it then?


I would prefer just a speed nerf, without affecting the other stable units

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They would still one shot foot archers with their immense charge damage, removing the bug would make it so they can’t one shot CA too.

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I’d like something that has nothing to do with mechanics and/or gameplay. but I guess this stuff takes a lot of time to develop and is just “mere details” stuff.


  1. “unit info” window, like the Age of Mythology one. With some trivia and historic research about every unit, hero, building.

  2. Editor enhancements , specific units and/or embellishments like merchant stalls or… whatever can help to build a good looking scenario

  3. Replace existent buildings with some historically and geographically accurate buildings. An example, the Sicilian monastery; it’s the same as italians, spanish, etc etc …and it looks a bit out of place in a sicilian (norman) context.


I would really love to see that. Reminds me of book that was included in orginal AoE II gamebox. I can read history behind not only units, but technology too. They even updated book for The Conquerors expansion
Few pics: