Ideas for the next Patch

Hello everyone,
I want to share a list of things that should be included in next patch.

1. Palisade foudation
Many players have already reported that there is no difference between foundation of palaside and palisade in progress.


2. Bad description
This is self explanatory. Please keep in mind those images are made in paint just to give the idea how it should look like.

3.Hover Civilization Coat of arms to see Civilization bonuses
For a total of 37 Civilizations right now, it is easily to forgot civilization bonuses. Small idea to give player ability to show civilization bonuses without moving to Tech Tree.

4. Coustilliers’ charge overhaul
Here is my idea to make Coustilliers’ charge balanced.
1 - Recharge of Coustillier charge doubled or tripled.
2 - Charge doesn’t deal extra damage to archer class units.
3 - Overhaul:
Charge triples the damage of Coustillier.

Standard Castle Age Coustillier damage 8 x 3 ( charge ) +2 ( Blacksmith )= 8+18
Elite Imperial Age Coustillier damage 11 x 3 ( charge ) + 4 ( Blacksmith )= 11+26

Bug fixes:
I want again show that bug that occurs since the beta of AoE II DE. Some ships are missing health bars. I don’t know what is the reason.

Another thing I would like to see is overall overhaul to health bars. They are badly scaled and on some certain distances they are bugged.


I like your ideas! But I hope they focus on solving the pathfinding problems and the thousands of bugs that this game that came out more than 1 year ago has: S


because those ships are at full health probably. check your settings. could be wrong though.

I must have reported the ship health bar bug twice already 11. Most of the time it happens to ships that are given to you at the start of a scenario.

However there is no bug for age up: one castle (or krepost) is enough to go to imperial age.


Every ship has full HP. But It seems Galleon and Fast Fire Ship lose Health bars for no reason.

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Yes, my bad. (20 characters)

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they all look good, this one specifically ive always wondered about… there’s SO much hidden information that is only available in the wiki (iaw people had to discover it themselves)

i dont know why the devs never included half the stuff in the game itself… i mean some unit uprgades even affect training times in a positive way…

with the reduced damage, i reckon the double or less charge time will be enough. the biggest issue is the 1 hit killing so many different things. not necessarily the speed of the charge up, as leitis actually have a higher dpm.


Yes, as You mentioned. The problem is 1 hit killing and that’s inluding their hard counter - monks. Many people complain about charge. I believe charge and charge mechanic overall is fine. The problem are ridiculous numbers of damage. Like who thought It’s good idea to make 55 food 55 gold unit have 55 damage in first hit.

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It’s a bug already reported multiple times:

@FenomenoAOC I really like your ideas!


Thx, that amazes me… its a bug since the game release… I have not tested it since that and it seems devs have not repaired it… fascinating…

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Get the Improved Extended Tooltips mod. It has all the info you want and more.Vill Extended Tooltip


Nice. But the cavalry must have bonus damage to archers, charge cavalry especially. It is historically accurate

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The math is wrong here.

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8 x 3 = 24 + 2 = 26

8 + 18 = 26

11 x 3 = 33 + 4 = 37

11 + 26 = 37


Oh I misread it as charge attack does triple damage of base attack. I was thinking

This would still be a nerf 11.

So technically if it was charge does triple damage then it would be

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Well if 8+( 8 x 3 ) + 2 You got damage 4 times bigger, because it is bassicly 8x4 ( + 2 )

Also, Yes, I didn’t write it anywhere. I meant charge triple your base damage. So Blacksmith upgrades are not messing numbers.

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okey but i didn’t like 2. idea of coustillier

I am the biggest Archer lover in the world, and I say Coustillier must be nerfed by losing Husbandry, and the Charge bug must be fixed (it applies too much damage to Archer Armour targets, without having a bonus to it).

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Well, It was just my idea. Instead of removing Coustilliers charge doubled damage vs archer class, it can be changed to “charged attack deals xyz ( like +10 ) extra damage vs archer class”, because for now Coustillier can kill on one hit Cav Archer.

Burgundians are a mediocre civ, no need for a Husbandry removal. If you want to nerf Coustillier like that, nerf its base speed.