Ideas for Turks (NOT obligatory)

simplest and easiest fix there is.


Giving Turks Pikeman & ESkirm would be lazy design. Civs should be more different, not all the same. ATM missing Pikeman & ESkirm is part of the identity of Turks, part of what makes them unique.

There have to be interesting solutions to any perceived Turk ‘problem’.

Turks aren’t even in the bottom 5 civs. Where are all the people who usually recommend against radical changes? Who can predict the effects on balance? If even giving Turks 2 relics worth of gold trickle is dangerously unbalanced, what sheer recklessness is it to give them 2 whole new unit lines, one of which is a fully upgraded widely used unit :stuck_out_tongue:

bottom 5. don’t use all. all includes the numbers of the bad players who wait till imp to attack and that favors civs like turks, etc who are going to be good in imp.

least picked civ in boa2.

but yeah. keep telling yourself that turks don’t need love.


I do agree Turks could use some love. My last paragraph was sarcastic if you couldn’t tell, referring to some posts you made earlier, claiming that a gold trickle is overpowered, that giving a civ more options always makes them stronger, and that civs which aren’t statistically bad shouldn’t get buffs. Turks are only in the bottom 5 in the 1250-1650 bracket on aoestats, I know that’s your favourite bracket to look at, but still a bit arbitrary.

To me a boring fix isn’t a sign of love though.

thats because the 2 below it are full of scrubs who play for imperial, where turks do best, and the one above it has a very small sample size and the numbers aren’t enough to be accurate. the 1250-1650 has people who know what they are doing + a good sample size. (they are bottom 5 played in 1650+).

if you want proof why you shouldn’t consider balancing around “All”…
here watch this.

do you really want to balance around people like this?