Ideas to be added and Problems to be fixed in future updates

Trebuchet cost Wood/Stone (since it throws rock and is very OP with 12 range)

Landmarks, if destroyed, should not give it’s bonuses (like Regnitz 100% gold from relics or 20% production speed from Chivalry School)

Cavalry shoul have “2”, Two, pop capacity, avoiding Mass Knights/Horsemen/Firelancers and if you are 200/200, 100 villagers and 100 kinghts, and you enemy same vill number but 100 pikes, you could only beat that if you had 30 barracks to keep the pike production… never happening and GG

In the new patch, Pikes became the worst to kill a siege unit, it’s worthy to send villagers instead of pikes, in general… pikes are useless for everything, Rush Castle Knights or MAA strong AF

The TC nerf is totally a joke, towers and TC shoots slower and weaker, Knights became KNightmares, if the enemy reach castle and keep making heavy units, you gather all villagers inside tower and the TC, but the ones out die and then you’re locked in your own base inside TC/Tower, throwing Rice at them…

Springald Emplacements should have a bonus against siege.

Cannon Emplacements could have an infantry bonus

Oil could have a Cavalry Bonus

They say China is strong now, but it still has the worst units in the game… not Firelancer that is still awesome for landmark snipe… ZugheNu is only usefull in feudal, Palace Guard gets beaten by any other MAA or Knights…Kewk… rip grenadiers, a great change could be increase zughenu speed, Palace Guard by standard slower than knights but with 3rd dinastie the same speed as a knight and keeping it low armor, grenadiers could have a infantry bonus instead building bonus, last dinastie should give units more life… too expensive to unlock and Nothing usefull, make imperial officer 200% efficient again :stuck_out_tongue:

Mass Siege Units still strong… until the devs dont increase it pop capacity, why make infantry when knights+Mangonels+Trebuchet can do all the work?

HRE strong than ever, since it already starts with a priest, to gather relics it could need a research to gather, avoiding the same game ever "rush castle hur dur relics knights win)

Relics could have another option, Mass Heal or Mass convertion… you choose

French Knights should only heal standing still, as well as Kurultai, Abassid Castle and Delhi Church OUT of Battle

Wolves could have an atack bonus against priests

TC/Tower and other defensive builds could shoot a Boar

Mongols 2Vill production, 150 stone too expensive, 100~120 is fine

Mongols IV Age Caganato Landmark should be able to choose wich units to make

The Harden Villager Tech from TC, 100 Gold is too expensive in the begning of the game to make and in the late game is useless

We canot play as a team if we are appart, like:
Friendly stone walls SHOULD be able to connect with my stone walls, maybe Neutral walls as well

Certain landmark bonuses could be aplyed for teamates as well, or at least a small porcentage from it, improving ammount of strategies and uses for each CIV/landmark


NEUTRAL UNITS STOP WHAT THEY WERE DOING (Villagers gathering resources and military attacking)
Censorship text should be optional
Chat Lag? Really? Until when?
PAUSE in the MultiPlayer GAME
Since servers are unstable, RECONECT option ?
The game keeps buging all the time in Game Pass

I wrote all this before sleep and maybe my ideas are not well expressed, but What do you agree (or not) with and what are your ideas that could be improved to make the game better ?

  • I play the AoE IV since the Beta, every day since. I and anger to see weekly updates because once a month is sad

Pikes can brace denying knights Charge
Pikes do stun knights, make them vulnerable for a few secs
Also they cost 1/3 res and train faster

Theres no need of making cavalry cost 2 pop

But I like the idea that siege cost a little more pop

One thing I wanted to improve in Age of Empires IV is the Profile customization, especially the Coat of Arms/Flag.

In the Coat of Arms/Flag part, I would like more colors. Currently there are very few different colors. The ideal would be a “custom color” system, where you would create your color and color intensity in the coat of arms/flag. For example, I want a caramel or moss green color on one part or I want white and black on others.

Another thing, I didn’t notice, correct me if I’m wrong… But I think the Coat of Arms/Flag doesn’t appear during the game, only on the loading screen?
It would be nice, if the player’s Coat of Arms/Flag was seen in some buildings during the game, for example: City Center, Landmarks, Castles and Monument should appear their Coat of Arms/Flag. I think this issue of individual customization of each player would be cool to be more visible in the game.

In short, I would like the Coat of Arms/Flag to gain more attention in some future update. Make more interest count for wanting to unlock cosmetic items.