Ideas to make ROR a bit more like AoE2

ROR is quite fun. I’ve been playing it a lot the past couple days. However, I think it needs a little polish for a balanced experience, and the way to do that is to make it a little more like AoE2.

I’m not gonna suggest unique units or anything like that, as I think the civs as they are now are plenty unique. Instead, I want to suggest some new technologies, units, and features that will help make the experience more familiar for AoE2 players, as well as more balanced and strategic instead of spammy.

First, in order to make the game more defense-capable, I want to add some features. First, a new technology available at the Town Center in the Stone Age called Clothing. It basically functions like Loom, and makes villagers tougher to kill. As it is now, they’re easy targets for raids.

Second, another thing that can be done is make buildings have more HP and armor, which scales with age like AoE2. This will make defensive positions more viable, and makes house walls actually effective, especially against ranged units.

Third, give Town Centers the ability to fire arrows. This will be unlocked after Watch Tower is researched. In tandem with this is the ability for towers and TCs to garrison all foot units, not just villagers, and they’ll also heal inside. Archers inside TCs will cause them to fire arrows, like villagers, and towers will also fire extra arrows if villagers or ranged units are inside. They will, of course, have to receive a stone cost after this.

Connected to this is a balance change. Give the Choson free tower upgrades, like the Koreans of AoE2. Thematically, they’re connected, and they’re literally the same people, so it makes sense. The Koreans are my second favorite civ in AoE2, and the Choson are really growing on me, so it would be cool to see.

Finally, I want to suggest some new counter units, expanding the Tool Age units to be less useless later on. The first new unit is the Heavy Axeman, essentially acting as the Halberdier, but with less bonus damage. The Heavy Axeman would have 60 HP, 6 attack, and 10 bonus attack vs cavalry. It would give players a trash option against cavalry, and a hard counter rather than a soft counter.

The second new unit would be the Peltast, an upgrade of the Slinger. It would throw javelins rather than stones, so maybe the upgrade tech would be called “Javelin.” It would have 35 HP, 4 pierce armor, and +6 bonus damage against archers, making it a hard counter. Considering how absolutely busted Chariots and Chariot Archers are, it’s important to have hard counters against them, and these two units would help immensely.

The third new unit is the Armored Camel Rider. It would have 145 HP, 7 attack, 1 of each armor, and 9 bonus damage against cavalry. It’s not quite as effective against cavalry as the Heavy Axeman, but is more population and cost efficient.

Well, that’s all! Tell me what you think.


I agree that UU aren’t necessary, but UT and regional units would be apreciated imo.

Sounds good

Agreed, currently even defensive buildings are too weak.

Agreed on the condition that the town center gets a stone cost, otherwise they would be used for very cheap “tower” rushes.

I don’t have a strong opinion on this one, it might be cool.

This is heavily needed, currently camel riders are absolutely useless against Iron Age cavalry!

I forgot to mention that, but that would be essential.

ROR needs spearmen line and upgrades to Slingers, Axemen, Scouts and Camelry…plus the Peltast.


The Post ist about “Return of Rome”,not “Rise of Nations”

Did you seriously use ChatGPT? Come on, now. I don’t need that nonsense.


Ah now i get why it sounded weird

I am very much against the rise of AI. I believe it is uncreative and detrimental to the growth of humanity’s artistry. But that is neither here nor there.

AI has it’s uses, but being too lazy to even write a post yourself is taking it too far lol.


I’ll agree with that for sure.

I’m mainly upset because I can’t go into my chosen creative fields because they’re all starting to use AI to replace actual people.

Those are good suggestions. However, I would not want any upgrade to axemen to be more effective against infantry that require gold, because that would cause some issues late game, because axemen would not cost any gold.

Would my suggestion make Axemen good against gold infantry? Serious question.

I had a game recently where after gold was exhausted, the player pumped out tons of axemen. They were surprisingly effective against better infantry. I would rather have the axemen (or slinger) upgrade be an equalizer to other non-gold units in the late game–scythe chariots, chariots, and chariot archers. This way, when gold is gone, there is another option to the chariot wars. Just a thought.

Wont loom fit better as a name?

Clothing fits the “rise of civilization” vibe that they’re trying to go for. Kind of implies that they were wearing leaves or skins as loincloths before. Obviously, that can’t be visually conveyed, but the idea is still there.

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Agreed with most of these. RoR need to be more similar to AoE2. I really tried to get myself to love it, but for now I just like it. The game is just not as fun as AoE2. It doesn’t have to get to the same level of enjoyment, but the closer the better.

Age1 players also have their perspective about age2 gameplay : slow game pace, too defensive, imp war is all about treb,bbc and castle…
More civ and units should be added then but pls dont bring age2 gameplay into age 1, we don’t want all aggression to be stopped by 650 stone like aoe


If you want to play classic AoE1, go play the DE or the CD version. No one’s making you play RoR. RoR is an AoE2 DLC, so the game needs to be modified to make it more appealing to AoE2 players. It’s not for AoE1 purists, but for AoE2 or AoE1 players looking to branch out who don’t mind a little gameplay difference.

I’m not advocating making AoE1 and AoE2 the same. That would be boring. But there are features from 2 that 1 needs to have.

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They could add more units to the academy. Like Khopesh armed raiders acting as shotel warriors, and a crossbow type unit acting as an early version of the ballista, and a heavy chariot unit that has both a range attack and a trample melee attack but moves slow and is expensive. The swordsmen line could be split into regional variations Longswordsmen and legionaries for the western non celtic/germanic civs while the east gets a chinese or persian styled look.

RoR was such a bust. I really wanted to play some of those civs in ranked

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