Ideas to present to the devs for a full British re-work

There is a buff I always like to see: factories increase the work rate of nearby buildings.


Home City cards that British civs would receive would be those that would grant them access to Stuart and Tudor units.

In addition, British civ could get a brand new Home City card in place of the “Robber Barons” card. The new HC card “Heart of the Industrial Revolution” would send 1 Factory Car and would give the possibility to rebuild it after destruction of this building (infinite card). Of course, each subsequent shipment would cost 1769 Coins.


I think the Scottish Royal House of Stuart will suffice to representation of the Scots.

I fully support the option of an Ireland revolution exclusive to British civ.

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But this is the final game. Not only a final game, but a re-release, a remaster of a complete game. There was a great chance to rework Brits or any other civ when DE was being designed, but the creators of the game didn’t express a desire to heavily change the set of core civs (no reason why Brits should have special treatment compared to other original ones), and the main stage of post-launch support looks to be over since this remaster was released 3 years ago.
They might and arguably should get a couple of new cards designed with recent updates and expansions in mind, but just because of the respect for the original designers it’s very, very unlikely to after… what, 19-20 years see a core civilization heavily change. Never seen any hint about them even considering doing reworks like that.

It’s already a very content-heavy game and one of the advantages of the original set of civs is their relative simplicity and straightforwardness, and just like in AoE2 same here in AoE3 civs like English or French are beginner-friendly and advised as crutches to learn the game. Adding an additional layer of units, unit variants, historical terminology, systems etc. just makes everything more confusing, with the questionable benefit of being more attractive for history buffs.


I’d rather they no longer be considered as the “core” civilization (is there ever anything like that in the first place?), if that means it remains one of the most boring civs and gets the most boring updates.

One great thing about AOE3 is that you are free not to touch the “confusing” part.
I can play even the Mexicans as the most standardized civ with the most straightforward card effects.


Then what should be the entry-level, beginner-friendly civilization?
Yes, most of the European civs from the original games share a lot of their design, unit structure and availability, technologies and cards, and their design themes are obviously and heavily distinct them from American or Asian civs, and now ofc new ones from African expansions and other.

It’s not a boring civ. Maybe it is to you. But for someone coming from other RTS games, 25 variations of the musketeer unit or a seemingly endless number of mercenary units or natives is nauseatingly confusing, and especially if you’re a younger player raised on modern, ‘dumbed down’ games- overwhelming.
There’s nothing wrong with having more simple and approachable civs that players can jump right into without learning about some weird new currencies and mechanics. New expansions already added a lot of stuff that even AoE1/2 veterans have to really focus to understand.

It’s nothing for someone that played AoE3 since 2005, but for a new player- it’s not helpful. It’s improvement that on a practical level makes game harder to get into and recommend to someone blind.

Making game more historically accurate and robust in content doesn’t automatically equal to better game. It’s first and foremost a product that needs to be appealing to the general playerbase, especially if you’re interested in multiplayer and its health. Making a complex game that features more units than maybe the rest of the franchise combined, even more complex is the opposite of what should’ve been done.

How about instead of wasting dev manpower on uncalled for redesign of old mechanics, another 8 units and 15 cards we’ll get some campaigns or reworked AI or anything that will help sales of AoE3? Somebody that didn’t get into 3DE won’t care about Scots Grey. It’s nonsense.
Will Gentlemen at Arms help someone explain why AI can’t build walls at all, to a new player interested in jumping into AoE3 from IV or 2DE?
Will it make it more attractive in terms of content? The game features 3 (three) campaigns. Should I count ones in 2DE?

It’s a great initiative- if you want the game to continue to stagnate.


The Saker cannon would be a nice addition to the British unit rooster. It could be a new unique unit for them that will replace the [Falconet]. This medium cannon was often used by the English.

It could possibly have the innate special ability of shooting a cannonball that will bounce off the ground, which will cause additional damage to enemy units. The reason for this bouncing effect is because the Saker could fire round shot cannonballs made out of iron, which would act like a bouncing bowling ball on land that would not stop after the initial impact, but continue and tear though anything in its path.

According to the wiki page for the Saker cannon it is stated that this iron round shot was rare before the 19th century, but on the wiki page for the round shot it is mentioned that iron cannonballs started to generally replace stone cannonballs by the 17th century. Therefore, whoever wrote that the iron round shot was rare before the 19th century must have made an error. Especially when taking into account that they choose to describe this solid cannonball for being an explosive shell which it wasn’t.

The Saker could have something else that makes it special, while this bouncing cannonball effect could be available to most cannons in the game but as long as it doesn’t upset the balance.

Maybe they could also get a unit that uses the Nock Gun. The unit can go by the name [Nock Gunner]. The Nock gun was a flintlock firearm with seven barrels and was used by the Royal Navy during the early stages of the Napoleonic Wars.

However, flaw designs of this firearm were quickly revealed as it was used in battle. The recoil caused by all of the seven barrels was powerful enough to injure the user or broke the shoulder of whoever was firing the gun. Due to the shortcomings of the Nock gun its service in the Royal Navy only lasted from (1782 - 1804).

I originally suggested that the [Nock Gunner] could be a cheat unit in a post I made earlier this year due to the problems and short lived service of this weapon, but maybe it could become an actual unit for the British.

Since the Nock gun was used by the Royal Navy the respective unit that will be armed with the weapon could possibly only be trained from the Galleon, Fort and the Outpost.

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I care. That alone justifies requesting it,

Prebuilt decks exist.
I can ignore all changes in DE and play the same old British as 15 years ago with the classic manor boom…oh wait that is already nerfed into oblivion.

This is wrong from the basics.
Manor boom is by no means simple and straightforward. I don’t think anyone would look at the civ design and figure out 700w-600w by himself.
It also requires the most careful resource management, villager control and map control, compared to any other eco civ which are all more braindead.

Why should I care about any other player? I’m here to request what I want.
I am unfortunately very selfish.

I think multiplayer, especially competitive 1v1, going to “first chapter of the divine comedy” (censored) is better for its health.

It is more attractive to me. And again I’m very selfish. I especially think those “oh too complicated I cannot remember” players from AOE2 or 4 stay away as far as possible (fun fact: they are fighting over which is simpler right now).

Another fun fact: I am among the most active people advocating more campaigns and sp contents and I care about AI improvement. No idea why one’s wish should be exclusive.
Me writing a proposal here does not care about when they are going to do it. If they decide to fix AI or release a new campaign in the next update then it’s fine for me as well.
I’m not the project manager. I don’t need to care about their sequence of doing things. Nor do I need to come up with a plan whenever I’m just writing fragments of ideas. If they only took 1% of the ideas I proposed I’d be happy too.


You are free to request whatever you want and that justifies writing it and proposing it on a forum. At the same time, it justifies stating that it’s largely not possible in a business sense, at least partially unnecessary, and selfish in the sense that it benefits you and the interest of a very limited fraction of the players (that already are a TINY fraction of the customers- most people don’t touch multiplayer, some- at all) and is a waste of time and resources that doesn’t help 3DE become more popular among strategy fans or among AoE fans, that even back in the Asian Dynasties days were questioning very broad scope and high ambitions of the designers of AoE3.

Game is not in the position of getting a redesigns of old civilization. To be a viable choice in 2023 (outside of old and returning veterans) it need sa lot, a lot of content and rework of pillars of the entire system- from the AI to the map-scenario editor that is a lifeline of a game like this.
3DE is on life support and development costs a lot of money especially when core engine tech is involved. Wasting that limited money on circling back and redesigning the oldest parts of the game is inconsiderate.

It’s a discussion about the color of the curtains and other window dressing when the entire basement of the house is flooded.
There is no acknowledgment of any DLC on the way or anything bigger in the works. As far as we know, 4 people might be working as the core support team patching the game.

2DE or IV have 3-5x more players atm. I can guarantee you that adding more stuff of this type won’t move the needle at all, and arguably with mentioned things in mind- works against 3DE catching up.

You’re free to create your own topic on this. It’s not relevant here. I don’t need to be taught about the brutal business reality in a thread for fun.

I won’t be surprised the devs would eventually only take no more than 10% (even 0) ideas proposed in this thread or on this forum altogether. In fact people have made proposals that are sufficient to overhaul the entire game 10 times summed up and it only ends up in the form of 10 new cards. Wouldn’t be a problem. That’s the purpose of brainstorming. If everyone here needs to become an expert on how to make a profitable game before writing for fun then we shouldn’t waste time posting here but submit our resume to microsoft already.


Amen to that :pray:

Thank you for this post in general. You pretty much summed up everything I was thinking :+1:

If they would take these themes, units, and mechanics and turn them into a new British campaign among other things- sure, that would be a great and objective win for 3DE. But they won’t.

Who knows. Not what I care about.
If you want to talk about business, making campaigns costs much more. It’s a less likely step to take if the situation is what you describe.
Small updates to keep the current players more interested would be more realistic.

Then we can talk about making profits by selling new stuff like campaigns.

Edit: and the series or Microsoft gaming in general does not seem like being in battle royale node where one game survive and the other gets killed. If microsoft still mainly relies on subscription and is not on a financial crisis, I see incentives of keeping most games as active as possible.

I’m doing a Economics degree at the moment. Please don’t make my “happy space” here feel like another boring business lecture I spend the other half of my life doing. :smiling_face_with_tear:

If you want JjForcebreaker I’ll make full theoretical base business report on the financial health of this franchise but I want you to know now, it’s going to be a very very dry and depressing read.

Thank you ArrivedLeader22 for reminding everyone what this lovely community should represent.

Thank you to everyone else too who are posting brilliant, creative, and “relavent” ideas :grin:

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What about a brit card that gives OTT’s some sort of eco or military bonus. I think this has a good chance of being implemented.

What do you mean “OTT” ??? Please explain further …

I would change the current Highlanders to fit into British armies.

The Highlanders you see in game, despite being a Merc, are depicting standard Highlander soldiers in the British army. The whole notion of Mercenary ones and not actually being a standard British unit (England + Scotland being in union for very long time in the AoE3 timeline!) is always a little jaring, consider long almost all games that feature them do it correctly - with the British civ (Cossacks 1,2 and 3, Total War, Rise of Nations, to name a few).

What do I suggest? This:

British unique unit:
Graphically the exact model. On the stat side, it has a really great melee and melee resist. Compared to a Redcoat Musketeer or even a standard Musketeer it has less ranged attack, similar health and still costs 2 pop despite not being a Merc (abstractly representing that they weren’t as populous as the standard British regulars), however once locked into melee, they are much better than standard musketeers due to their melee attack and resist.


  • Very strong melee
  • Higher than normal melee resist

In the middle:

  • Similar health to standard Musketeer (non-Royal Guard)


  • Worse ranged attack compared to Musketeer
  • Takes 2 pop - meaning the standard Redcoat is more pop efficient unless you want to engage into melee more.

What happens to the current Mercenary Highlander?

He becomes the…
Armed with a Claymore Broadsword (not the big 2 hander one!), Targeteer (small round shield) and Musket. These Highlanders were first and foremost mercenaries. Used in Ireland as well as mainland Europe, Redshanks would fire their muskets (originally a short bow) and charge in with sword and shield. You can call them Scottish Targeteers if you really want, however Redshanks were their name.
What changes? Just the unit model - if anything it’s more traditional Highlander garb than the current British Highlander regiment style! Graphically he would be wielding his sword and board or musket depending on stance with the currently unused weapon sheathed at the side or on his back (musket). Flintlock pistol can also work instead of the Musket

If you really wanted to be fancy, you could give the Merc ‘Highland Charge’ which functions like the Carolean Charge except for maybe a temporary ranged resist.

Stat-wise - exactly the same as the current Merc Highlander!

Ultimately we are then left with the same Mercenary we know and love - just a little more non-British army looking plus actually far more authentic (these Scots Merc found there way into other European armies NOT in British attire!). We also gain a melee specialist musketeer for the Brits which for the negative of 2 pop spaces we can a tough guy for close combat, arguably all patching up that place other Euros fill with a Halberdier slot.

Also it means potential Jacobite scenarios/campaigns/mods get some more-fitting non-British army units.


I like this idea but let me present the stats I’d give them…

British Highlander (unlocked in barracks in Age 3 which automatically gives them veteran status. Stats shown below are before the vet upgrade)

  • Hitpoints: 300
  • Melee resist: 40%
  • Cost: 130 food 50 coin
  • Population space: 2
  • Movement speed: 4.5
  • Range attack: 30 (with an area-of effect of 1, with a range of 10 and rate-of-fire of 3)
  • Melee attack: 35 (with an area-of effect of 2, a x2 multiplier against cavalry and shock infantry and a 1.5 rate-of-fire)
  • Siege attack: 45 (with a range of 8)

@SirBarnzy1 what do you think of my suggested stats??

Sounds like a perfect replacement.

Just an addition that sp replayability is also part of sp content. Because however many campaigns they add you’ll eventually consume all of them.

For skirmishes vs AI I have incentives to play US, Mexicans, even new French and Germans, several times because there are quite a few new fun stuff (which will get severely punished in pvp) to play with. For British I don’t even have any motivation to play in skirmish once in a week because I can fully expect how I’ll be using it. Manor musket longbow hussar manor musket longbow hussar. Interesting units? None. Meme strategies? None. Historical reenactment? Little. Navy? THE most standardized. Big battles in the late game? Still the same old stuff. Revolution? Congratulations you also have some of the most boring ones.

I’d say Spanish and French are the “core” “learn to play” civ of the game. They have all unit types, standard economy, straightforward bonus. Look how many new stuff they are given since DE.

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I think this would be best achieved with different age-up politicians.

Cavalier/Jacobite - Improves archaic units and gives access to Scottish and Irish units
Roundhead/Whig - Gives access to pilgrims and new techs
Viceroy of India - Gives access to units like Gurkahs and Sepoys

A few other minor changes like replacing Falconets with Sakers and just enabling Rangers by default in age 4 would also be welcome.

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