Idle farmers

Game Version:

  • Platform (Steam)


When several villagers are tasked to build a farm that is nearby other farms without villagers, the villagers that finished to build the farm will remain idle instead of going automatically to the other empty farms nearby.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Build a first farm and do not assign any villager to farm it
  2. Take two (or more) villagers to build a second farm near the first one.
  3. Wait untill the second farm is finished, and see that the villagers remain idle instead of farming the first empty farm.

The same issue happens with fishing ships and fish sometimes. Fishing ships will go randomly idle after finishing some fish sometimes.

Not sure if it’s with all fish or if it’s just that they refuse to auto-switch from normal fish to shore fish and vice versa.

So, basically, all I’m saying is that this bug seems to apply to both villagers AND fishing ships.


This issue remains. Same happens if you build a TC or mill around many empty farms, they just not take them.

Yes, very annoying. I think it was fixed at some point but the problem came back.

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