Idle fishing ships

Hi there,

I think this already would be a known issue, but I cannot find it there. After some time some (a couple) fishing ships go idle while they are next to a fish pool where other fishing ships are fishing. Even if I click on another fishing pool, these fishing ships could go idle and I need to manually send them to the dock and back again.

If needed I could reproduce this, just making a lot of fishing ships and wait : )

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Hey @DavidoNL4537! Thank you for the report. Are you seeing this with a particular civ?

I tested it just to be sure (because I play only one civ), I tested it on Mongols and HRE, both have the same issue.

It is easy to replicate, I tested it on Confluence map.

Make 1 dock, make 12 fishing ships (this is just how I do it, the count doesn’t matter I think) and rally it to one fishing pool (I do the closest one by).

After a couple of minutes (within 8 I experience) some fishing ships will go idle with 40 food in storage, they don’t go back to the dock by themselves.

If you have a workaround I’m happy to hear, because I experience this every game where I make fishing ships.

I can only place one screenshot per post…

and HRE:

Thank you @DavidoNL4537—appreciate the extra effort! The team will look into it.