Idle TC timer in game

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I thought it was warranted because it’s turning up in search engines.

While I do think more stats like this would be very useful in game (certainly more useful than the score), there are some mods I’ve found that at least try to tackle being able to see if you’ve got idle TCs. Both are modifications to the global queue graphics.

I’m not sure if these are still being actively developed though, if not it would be nice to spend some time working on them or even combining them into one. Of course the usefulness of this may depend on where you choose to have your global queue displayed and I don’t think the position can be changed based upon whether it’s empty or not.


Yes, ui should add some optional usefull info during a match.
-Eco K/D
-Idle tC timer or warning (just like idle vils)
-Eco techs researched/available icons (this even could work as a one-click shortcut).
-BS techs (same as above)
-icons with units deployed (just copy paste the CA tool). An easy way to select all units of a type.
-seconds left in global queue icons (specially for techs).

And of course… Score removed. It is exploitable.

Idle TC sound, like “housed” warning would be fun (maybe with a toggle on/off).