Idle TC timer in game

I play on MAC so I don’t have access to CA nonetheless I would love to see an idle TC timer. For low-level players like me, it will give me a great way to see where I am falling behind. Also, the game could provide a way to turn off the feature from options.

This value could be in the post-game stats as well.



make it happens devs.



Also number of milliary unit next to resource panel, instead of clicking on the icon next to the map


Not only mac, but also windows store version users can’t use Capture Age.
So +1 for me either.


Dont think this is a good idea if youre trying to get better at the game. Dont be neurotic and start counting all the seconds of idle time. Gotta get a feel for it

Reminds me of something tony robbins once said to people trying to lose weight.

“You dont need a 5 step exercise plan and a 10 step diet plan and a 15 day gym procedure you just need to RUNNNN” ahah

well, that’s why you can choose not to display it in-game options.


Yeah, but it gives a strategic advantage to people who do use it, because it makes them more likely to remember to create vils with actually needing to remember.

I initially misread this as “I play on MAC so I don’t have access to Cavalry Archers”!

But anyway, I agree this would be a nice feature. Maybe not during the game, but seeing it in the stats afterwards, broken down per age.

The same is true of the terrain grid, range indicators and small trees. Of course, maybe you disapprove of those too. (I do.)


No, I certainly think those are fine, and gunpowder tracer as well. I was largely stating a fact before, I don’t really have too much of an opinion either way regarding this.


They don’t even know how much they have improved

There’s a step between ‘not having a clue how well you’re doing’ and ‘being neurotic about counting every second of idle time’.

You can see your idle time and then compare how well you thought you were doing to how well your actually doing. Gain some useful insight and improve your game.

Getting a feel for it is not advise for improving. How do you know if your feeling is correct? You need data to compare to your feeling.

A different topic but this video is still relevant I think:
Perceived quality vs actual quality vs goal.

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Yes it is always good to have feedback on the performance

For post-game stats: a clear Yes!
For in-game: would help lower-level players (like me :smile:), but have an impact on competitiveness

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I think it’s not needed, the whole point of a strategy game is that you develop a feeling for whether you are behind or ahead, that includes having a rough understanding of how much idle time you had.

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In your viewpoint the scoreboard is totally useless and I think strategy is the whole point of strategy game. What you mention is more likely to be a management game like Bistro. Of course management is in strategy game but definiately it is not the whole story

I would like a metric of Idle TC instead shown as part of end-game scoreboard. Or maybe a Replay-only function. For some reason CaptureAge didn’t work after updating it and I didn’t want to bother with fixing that, so trying to conveniently see what my Idle TC time was in the game through replays is sort of a hassle.

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I wish CA was part of the game itself instead of a stand alone third party tool.


If that was to happen, I’d want to be able to crop it to only a certain point, maybe until the player no longer creates villagers, and that cutoff time could be included as another stat?

yes scoreboard is largely a relic from the past and has no business being in the game because it gives you a clue about opponent’s uptime. You see many pros regularly abuse this, too.

A game like Bistro management perhaps is more suitable for you since you want all sorts of stats to be displayed on screen while I think such stats should be imperfectly represented as they are now to give the player a bigger edge in their decision making in a world without perfect information. Anyone can make decisions with perfect information, even you. It would no longer be a strategy game but an inventory management game.

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This is funny to learn that in your opinion all kind of chess with perfect information are management game instead of strategy game, which I think it is quite different from everyone perspective that if everyone can make a perfect decision with perfect information, the whole industry of chess will no longer exist.

You do not consider a fact that the Inventory management is a part of this game which usually called macro which is one of the largest element of this strategy game. Those information you have mentioned are already ready in the different panel of aoe2 and people in this thread just think that those information should properly display in one place. People are not asking more information like enemy resource count or enemy villager count which make this game as a perfect information game.

Like what you said, having a feeling on decision making is kind of romantic but with numbers and information it really give people a base to make better decision, and make the game more competitive and appreciative for both players and viewers, which most of the mainstream e-sport does. I generally think that your stale idea will prevent aoe2 to become a better game.