Idle villager on chinese

Not sure if this is a bug but is there anyway we can change a setting for when the Imperial Official is walking around collecting gold that it will not show its idling?

I think if its actively collecting gold this should not pop up. It is very annoying in game when you constantly see an idle villager and its him.

Also, this applies to every civ but when you have a villager and click on a certain part of the fence, it will just go to a random part of it and not the specific fence line. This hurts when you have one last piece left to build and the enemy villager or troop is trying to cross over and all you needed was to hit it once to stop it but instead it has to finish where its currently working on.

Another issue is sometimes when they destroy your gate, it wont let you rebuild over the destroyed part (This was using rus) You had to delete the entire wall and rebuild around it.


Imperial Official : Surprise! it’s me again,mother fxcker,hahaha

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Exactly! Bro its sooo annoying, everyone i talk to avoids chinese because of that!

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One bug per post please so Devs can track them easier and not miss out on any bugs.

Imperial Official showing as idle villager when they’re tasked to collect tax definately needs fixing. Also feel that the cooldown on collecting tax from the same building is a bit high, especially if you’re mainly using a few drop off buildings for many villagers.

I think I’ve had the gate issue you’ve described in the past as well. I think the workaround was to start rebuilding the wall and you can put a gate over the wall section you’ve started to rebuild. Still kinda micro intensive and annoying though.

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Thanks, all! Your feedback has been heard and captured for the dev team. We appreciate you!