If AoM 2 is happening, please take in count this

If Age of Mythology 2 is ever going to happen, please take in count the following tips:

-Units in walls
Yes, we want this like in Age IV, but with a proper load/unload animation please, in Age IV looks really akward how archers climb the walls.

-Proper units and buildings scale
This is a MUST, specially having in count the size of mythological units. AoM was mostly played for fun and joy for most of us, so don’t come here with all that readability stuff here. I don’t want to sacrifice details and game immersion because of this. Or ar least give me options for that and let me choose if I want to play like that or not.

-Manned siege weapons and destroy animations
A LOT of people asked for this in Age IV and yet it wasn’t implemented. Please don’t make the same mistake twice. Also, watching how rams, trebuchets and mangonels justo explode upon destruction it’s quite awful, please give a proper animation.

-Day/Night cicle and weather effects
Would be really nice and inmersive to have this features in the game. Sunny ora cluody days, rainy or even a blizzard like Age III has. Watching how the trees move along the wind would be beautiful.

-Improve buildings destruction animations
At the moment feels like if Age II DE have better animations on buildings destruction that Age IV for real.

-Proper physics sistem
We could blow away soldiers with cannons in Age III but wey can’t do this in Age IV??
Please don’t go this way, it would be great to see hoplites fly away while being hit by a Minotaur. Also on buildings destruction when attacking with catapults or mythological units.

-Implementation of new mechanics from other Age games
Soldiers attacking buildings with torchs like in Age III/IV or those new attacking moves like spearmen or cavalry charges in Age IV could be a great addition too!.

-Buildings animations & details
Add some animations on buildings like soldiers training and guards ar the door or archers practicing, also archers at the roof on Forts that defend the building when being attacked. Maybe sounds too much but come on, we are talking about a AAA game in 2021, they have the technology to do it and we the PC’s to run it.
If a game like Battle for Middle Earth from 2006 could do it without problems and we could run the game in our potatoes PCs at the time I don’t see any problems to do it now.

-Population limit
Bring high population limit, like 300/350. We want great epic battles at large scale, and taking in count that a single mythological units ocupy bigger population space than regular units, I believe that increasing the max pop limit would be great to have large battles without being massive.

Greeks, Egyptians and Norse are a MUST!! They are the core of all this! They DEFINITELY have to be in the sequel. New cultures can be added too of course but those 3 must remain. A personal choice to add will be the Japanese and the Aztecs. Would be really AWESOME.

-Developing time
Please, take all the time in the world to make this Game happen, but make it RIGHT, give the prestige it deserves. I’ve been waiting for over 20 years for this moment so I can wait a bit more, but deliver the product we all the fans deserve. Don’t rush things like in Age IV, I really love playing it but it has too many bugs, akward animations, and in some aspects the game feels unpolished at all.
I don’t care if making a proper animation for archers going on top the walls takes you 6 months, DO IT wey wait, because the final result of it will be awesome and a game epic and with the prestige it deserves.

Take the feedback many of us already gave about Age IV and don’t make the same mistakes again, learn from errors, comunícate with the community (more than you did with Age IV please, no more silence) and everything will be okay :slight_smile:

Best Regards.


I honestly don’t see the harsh criticism in some aspects of your commentary justified tbh. Please speak more for yourself here.

Example: I don’t know what incredible high expectations you have but I think the destruction animations of buildings and artillery is totally fine. I can see the point about artillery to some degree but I don’t think it’s an important point. The destruction of buildings aswell as their size compared to the units are totally fine and better than in older games imho. And tbh in AoM buildings aren’t immersive scaled too… I really don’t know where this point come from. Forts looks bigger in AoE4 and it’s great to see how detailed they are with crazy detailed animations for each building (except for the static horse of the stables lol) Also the population stuff only works of the game performance is stable… I would rather like to see cool detailed unique units with more than one animations especially for the executions/special attacks than many many units which most often hit on the performance.
Even i see your point about the walls with units I think it’s a great idea overall and they could have done it worse - the problem is just that some units clip and just through vertical levels. I also think they already took much time how much more do you want to give them? I don’t want to be 45 till I get a proper AoM2 or DE.

But I agree with the day/night circle and to see manned artillery would be great - but even AoM didn’t had this feature.

All in all your comment reads like a very personal point of view that you want old stuff of AoM but forget not everything was that great or immersive back then and at the same time you heavily hate over AoE4 which obviously has its flaws but also does some really great things especially for a RTS game.

Of course, some of this stuff is a personal thought, and others are requests that I have seen plenty of them in these forums. I’m not the only one complaining about manned siege weapons or the awkward way that rams just explode. This comes from the beta stages even and thinks like that I’ve been seeing in a long time across these forums.

Other things are also my personal thought about it and what can be done to improve a game. I’m not a developer but it won’t take 10 years to do so. Much of this stuff I already saw it in games of 2006 and took them 3 or 4 years to do so.

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Must have.
Imagine the siege of Troy with units on the walls, it would be awesome!

I don’t agree at all.
No AoE game ever did that (No AoE2 is in the wrong scale too) because having a cathedral with 500 seats in real scale while your whole population is just 200 (or even 500) just looks wrong. Every city would look completely empty.

I personally like the AoE4 style of scaling the most over AoE2 and AoE3.
AoE2 makes “cartoon” versions of the real buildings with oversized doors and undersized rooms and cats of massive chunks of historic buildings (like most wonders).
AoE3 gets around that a bit by having colonial style buildings.
AoE4 is more closer to reality with the buildings but therefor less realistic in the scale.

Look at medieval city builder games like Manor Lords and you will see that you couldn’t make an RTS work in that scale unless you make squads of units with big icons.

AoE3 made the best compromise in my opinion.
The crew manning the cannons is hilariously small compared to real life but it looks a lot better then magic catapults.
AoM is the one game where I would be ok with magical siege because it’s not a historic game and already has magic.

AoM already has that. Weather for god powers and AoM EE has day and night for visuals only.
I personally don’t like day-night cycles because the night is either to bright too feel like night or makes it to hard to see things. There is also no middle ground. In the middle it’s both to dark to see stuff and to bight to feel like night. We don’t want people to have to change their monitor settings every time to game turns night to be competitive.
Never liked in in WC3 even though it’s probably the best implementation of the system where it actually matters for gameplay.

But maybe god powers that change the weather until some other god power changes it back could be an interesting concept.

AoE2DE is cheating because they are prerendered and wouldn’t run smoothly on most machines. Something a 3D game can’t do.
AoE3(DE) looks better then AoE4 at time though I have to admit.

I would usually say no but I think it would be just too cool of AoM.
I mean the original AoM already had insta kills and even hat a unit that could morph the terrain permanently with it’s attacks.

Must have.
The torches aren’t even up for debate.
The question is if we want other things like batch training.

Maybe mythological units should get a separate population limit?

I don’t think there is any must have civilisation. I prefer novelty over just doing the same thing again and again.
But I guess the original 3 are must have just for marketing reasons.

AoE4 wasn’t rushed at all. They took nearly 5 years which is a lot.
That is like AoE1 and 2 plus expansions combined.
But I feel like they run into problems and had to redo large parts of the game.
So I don’t want a long development time, I want early betas so we can help find issues early!

Totally agreed with early betas! But I wonder if they really hear us. With Age IV, it felt like if they just listened what they wanted to hear. I’m not saying they must do everything that community says thats absurd. But I saw a lot of complains of people comming since the beta and still complaining till today, and they just refuse to give an answer.

About scale I don’t ask for a 100% accurate scale, but it feels like buildings need to be a little bit bigger.

With a hand in your heart, tell me if Rams destruction animations are really OK for you, compared to other Age games

I definitelly want batch training! Even in Age IV too. Is getting boring an awfull having to build 10 stables/barracks/A.Range, etc…just spamming buildings to make armies faster. Give me batch training system and increase the cost of military buildings.

About developing time, yeah took them a lot, but still some things feels rushed because they were running out of time (there is no company that will support a studio 10 years to develop an RTS, not even Microsoft).

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Hi, how good it would be to have an aom2. Without any doubt, but I’m not sure about the change of the weather, but in the transition from day to night i agree.
As for the Aztecs, I would prefer to include instead: Maya or Olmecs, Incas or Mochicas and Lakota.
And from Asia: Japan, China and India.
All this while maintaining the original civilizations: Greeks, Nords, Egyptians.
The Atlanteans, in my opinion count as Greeks therefore I would suggest a more creative reuse, for example that exist two branches of progression for the ages:

  • The first: Archaic Age - Classical Age - Heroic Age - Mythical Age.
    And the second branch is a single age: Titans Age.

The titans age would have the advantage of owning strong human units (the villagers become Atlantean villagers) in the early age and three mythical units and faster favor gathering and the titan obviously (which takes time to come out depending on the villagers destined to dig it up), disadvantage only have until the second improvement of the blacksmith and the technology tree of the walls, farms and others do not exist, they remain with those learned in the archaic age, not be able to build castles and towers, hasn’t siege units.
It’s just an idea, but this titanic age would be more for lightning attack that for a prolonged combat.
this titanic age would only be available to the Greeks.


You say Aoe4 was not rushed but they did not presented publicly the “skeleton of the game” until 2019. They lost a big time thinking and making the game and slowly maked it playable. The last 2 years was more to solve bugs and things like “units walking on elevation but its body bury on the ground and not properly walk the elevation”

They are likely to do so after they launch in stores,coh 3…so aom 2 maybe we will see it in 2025 and aoe 5 in 2029…

I don’t think that Relic is going to make AoM II if it ever happend. Probably other studio is going to take that Titanic task…

Creative Assembly could do it, after all they made Halo Wars 2…

A 2 year development time for a game that doesn’t require a new engine is normal.
A 4 year development time is long.
The Problem that AoE4 had wasn’t that they rushed it but that they completely redesigned the game at last once during the development.
And it’s understandable that a publisher doesn’t want a developer to start over and over again. Sometimes it’s better to force them to finish a mediocre game instead of letting them redo everything again and again without publishing anything.
From an outside it’s easy to say the game needed more time but more time can also cause more problems.

And they made Total War Troy plus they also owned by Sega so they are working together with Relic on other projects already.
They might be the perfect fit for AoM2.

I’ve made a thread about Creative Assembly being the perfect choice to make AoM 2.

Also, I loved how they made Halo Wars 2! I still play it today…

That’s my thought: they tried to find the fine formula but had to stick with one and develop the game.

Of course, in fact I think that with Total War:Troy Mythos dlc they did a good job…so I think they could adapt some of that to an aom 2…


I don’t see it as impossible, since they already worked with Microsoft in the past with HW2.

Well, anyways I think we will have to wait till next year for ANY AoM news related.

Why?..if we have this year the 20th anniversary of the original game…

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You know how silent Microsft is. Maybe we will get a teaser of AoM DE and then wait 3 years for it xD


you are cruel xD i could see such cruel thoughts for a 5 or maybe even 10 year anniversary but not 20. two hole generations! no no there has to happen something more or less big this year. and personally speaking: if there won’t be anything for the next years too i will honorbly burry AOM cause i don’t want to support development thoughts and marketing which let me to play a game when i am 40 or 50 and have kids. i mean i played AOM when i was a kid/little teenager and played it the last time happily when i was in my early 20 cause i thought something will happen at 10 anniversary which hopes they totally destroyed so nah sorry. i don’t support such cruelty xD

Na,this moment is perfect to launch the DE version of AoM,if not when they would release it?..

Pls no AoM2 atm. Just hope devs carefully take time to remaster AoM.
And if AoM is happening, just don’t keep that awful dragon’s tale campaign for god’s sake.