If AoM 2 is happening, please take in count this

If Age of Mythology 2 is ever going to happen, please take in count the following tips:

-Units in walls
Yes, we want this like in Age IV, but with a proper load/unload animation please, in Age IV looks really akward how archers climb the walls.

-Proper units and buildings scale
This is a MUST, specially having in count the size of mythological units. AoM was mostly played for fun and joy for most of us, so don’t come here with all that readability stuff here. I don’t want to sacrifice details and game immersion because of this. Or ar least give me options for that and let me choose if I want to play like that or not.

-Manned siege weapons and destroy animations
A LOT of people asked for this in Age IV and yet it wasn’t implemented. Please don’t make the same mistake twice. Also, watching how rams, trebuchets and mangonels justo explode upon destruction it’s quite awful, please give a proper animation.

-Day/Night cicle and weather effects
Would be really nice and inmersive to have this features in the game. Sunny ora cluody days, rainy or even a blizzard like Age III has. Watching how the trees move along the wind would be beautiful.

-Improve buildings destruction animations
At the moment feels like if Age II DE have better animations on buildings destruction that Age IV for real.

-Proper physics sistem
We could blow away soldiers with cannons in Age III but wey can’t do this in Age IV??
Please don’t go this way, it would be great to see hoplites fly away while being hit by a Minotaur. Also on buildings destruction when attacking with catapults or mythological units.

-Implementation of new mechanics from other Age games
Soldiers attacking buildings with torchs like in Age III/IV or those new attacking moves like spearmen or cavalry charges in Age IV could be a great addition too!.

-Buildings animations & details
Add some animations on buildings like soldiers training and guards ar the door or archers practicing, also archers at the roof on Forts that defend the building when being attacked. Maybe sounds too much but come on, we are talking about a AAA game in 2021, they have the technology to do it and we the PC’s to run it.
If a game like Battle for Middle Earth from 2006 could do it without problems and we could run the game in our potatoes PCs at the time I don’t see any problems to do it now.

-Population limit
Bring high population limit, like 300/350. We want great epic battles at large scale, and taking in count that a single mythological units ocupy bigger population space than regular units, I believe that increasing the max pop limit would be great to have large battles without being massive.

Greeks, Egyptians and Norse are a MUST!! They are the core of all this! They DEFINITELY have to be in the sequel. New cultures can be added too of course but those 3 must remain. A personal choice to add will be the Japanese and the Aztecs. Would be really AWESOME.

-Developing time
Please, take all the time in the world to make this Game happen, but make it RIGHT, give the prestige it deserves. I’ve been waiting for over 20 years for this moment so I can wait a bit more, but deliver the product we all the fans deserve. Don’t rush things like in Age IV, I really love playing it but it has too many bugs, akward animations, and in some aspects the game feels unpolished at all.
I don’t care if making a proper animation for archers going on top the walls takes you 6 months, DO IT wey wait, because the final result of it will be awesome and a game epic and with the prestige it deserves.

Take the feedback many of us already gave about Age IV and don’t make the same mistakes again, learn from errors, comunícate with the community (more than you did with Age IV please, no more silence) and everything will be okay :slight_smile:

Best Regards.