If Cavalry Archers Could Fire While Moving?

Very interesting idea. It might change the game too much, but that’s something they should consider for future AOE games. I’d be curious to see a trial of this just to see how it looks in practice.

Too much for this Game, hopefully it Will be in aoe4

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Would be awesome, they can have accuracy and reload time penalty when firing while moving to compensate. But it would require new animation.

AoE2 animations are 2D sprites not 3D models, I don’t think they will be abe to animate something like this. A unit firing all sides while moving will be hard to make in a 16 direction animation system of aoe2 engine.

In rise of nation cavalry archers and dragoons could fire enemies while moving and they were still 2D sprites.

Rise of nations uses 3d models for units.

Most likely they were initially 3d models but in game they are still 2D not 3D and I am pretty sure that they did same in AoE2DE.

AoE2 DE uses sprites (frames) rendered in 2D. No 3D models.

Regardless of whether it’s possible to actually animate, the fact the devs gave a frame delay to kipchaks shows they don’t want such good hit-and-run in the game.


that was done to sync the bow animation with the point where arrow is actually released from the unit

earlier kipchak’s arrow released earlier than the bow was actually pulled by the unit’s animation.

Yes but mangudai was nerfed the same way for not making them too overpowered. I’d argue it is also to counter the fact that game latency is “somewhat” improved.

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